12 Famous Actors That Have Quit Acting

There are over 8,200 openings for actors every year in the U.S, which shows how many quit. 

Acting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, which explains why our favorite stars decided to ditch the big screen. But with so many new movies coming out, it’s difficult to know which ones have left the industry for good. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re a big Hollywood fanatic and want to know which actors have left forever.  

Sounds familiar? Luckily, we’ve got you. Here are 12 famous actors that quit acting. 

1. Jack Nicholson 

One of the most famous actors to leave was Jack Nicholson. Although his acting career spanned 50 years, the 84-year-old left after starring in the 2010 movie How Do You Know.

But, unlike others in the industry, he never announced it. 

2. Mara Wilson 

Out of all the actresses in the industry, Mara Wilson won us over the most. With her roles in Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, Wilson became a prominent feature on our screens.

But her last movie was in 2000.   

3. Cameron Diaz 

Everyone was heartbroken when Cameron Diaz left. The Charlie’s Angels icon decided to leave after 40 movies in 2017.

Nowadays, she has a line of organic wines.  

4. Amanda Bynes 

Amanda Bynes is one of the most famous celebrities who quit. She rose to stardom in shows like All That and The Amanda Show.

Unfortunately, Bynes quit in 2010.  

5. Sean Connery 

Everyone’s favorite actor, Sean Connery, broke hearts when he ditched acting. The former James Bond star confirmed his departure in 2006.

Before his passing in 2020, he only did a voice-over role in 2012.   

6. Eva Mendes 

Eva Mendes, one of our favorite celebrities, hasn’t acted since Lost River in 2014. Since then, Mendes has welcomed two daughters.

But this doesn’t stop her from having several side hustles.  

7. Kelly McGillis 

Calling all Top Gun fans! 

Kelly McGillis, unfortunately, left acting full-time. This is because other areas of her life have become more important. 

8. Daniel Day-Lewis 

The three-time Best Actor winner left in 2017. This came after his final movie, Phantom Thread.

It was an unfortunate day as he was renowned for being committed to his roles. 

9. Portia de Rossi 

In 2017, Portia de Rossi retired from acting. The star briefly returned for the Arrested Development reboot before leaving for good.

Nowadays, de Rossi runs an art company.  

10. Robert Redford 

The former heartthrob Robert Redford retired in 2018. Unlike others, his career boasts a staggering 60 years.

Since then, Redford has done voice work.  

11. Lisa Bonet 

The Cosby Show star rose to fame as a child.

The last time we saw Bonet was on TV shows. These include New Girl and Girls.  

12. Gene Hackman 

We haven’t seen Gene Hackman on our screens for 15 years. The last credit was in 2004 with Welcome to Mooseport.

And, at 92, Hackman’s unlikely to make a comeback. 

Famous Actors That Quit

Now you know the famous actors that quit.

Many of our favorites left, from Cameron Diaz to Jack Nicholson. Others include Portia de Rossi and Robert Redford. But, although sad, we can always rewatch our favorites and bask in their brilliance.  

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