• The Top 10 Best Amy Winehouse Songs
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    The Top 10 Best Amy Winehouse Songs

    Amy Winehouse, a successful but short-lived singer intruded into the world of melody when she was sixteen. Her first record compiled of Jazz whereas she adopted R&B. electric Jazz and pop-soul in her later records. Winehouse died at 27, the reason being liquor poisoning. Winehouse concentrates on versatile music. At 10 she was drawn to […] More

  • top 10 songs of bruno mars
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    Top 10 Best Bruno Mars Songs

    Such moments occur in the ups and downs of life when you feel so happy or you feel so gloomy. In such cases, if you hear something that accurately explains your thoughts then it can help you to feel your way through your emotions. Beyond question, this SOMETHING would surely be Music. A song or […] More

  • Beyoncé most liked united states facebook page
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    Top 10 Best Beyoncé Songs

    It’s a fact that nothing is served you well in life without efforts. If you want to achieve something you have to make unbeatable efforts. BEYONCE, a name that doesn’t require to be introduced. She is a hard worker beyond doubt who has gifted the world with the most pleasurable songs. Along with the hard […] More

  • Top 10 Best Madonna Songs
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    Top 10 Best Madonna Songs

    Success can be gained… No matter if you are a College dropout…! Madonna Louisa Ciccone is an epic American songster and a songwriter. She is known as the ‘Queen of Pop’ in the world of entertainment. Since her name was the same as her mother’s so the members of her family used to call her […] More