12 Unique Types of Transportation to Use While Traveling

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Did you know that America ranked second for outbound travel and that Americans spent over $135 billion on overseas travel in 2017?

Traveling the world and visiting other countries can help people learn more about themselves and other cultures around the world. 

Destinations are important but so are journeys. So keep reading to learn the different types of transportation you can use during your travels. 


1. Ride Around Kenya in a Matatu

These brightly decorated minibusses are a must if you find yourself traveling in Kenya. They’re hard to miss and are often decorated with portraits of famous people and slogans or sayings.

Matatus are a common form of public transportation in Kenya. In suburban and rural areas, you might find that the matatu turns more into a pickup truck and comes complete with a bed and cover. 

2. Hop on a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

Looking to get around Thailand? Then you should hop on a Tuk Tuk. These three-wheeled open vehicles are a must in Thailand and offer you a relaxing mode of transportation to see some of the wondrous sights. 

Tuk Tuks are a similar price to metered taxis in the country, but provide a much more authentic and fun way to travel around. Tuk Tuks are easy to find, especially in tourist spots, and are hard to miss because they’re so colorful.

3. Cycle Through Vietnam on a Cyclo

If three-wheels is your preferred mode of transport and you’re in Vietnam, you should try the cyclo out. This bicycle taxi first appeared in the country during the French colonial era, after rickshaws failed to spark interest. 

The cyclo consists of a double seat and has two wheels at the front and one at the back. The driver sits at the back and you can enjoy front seat views as you travel in style.

4. Feel Fancy in a Limousine

Limousines are available in many countries around the world. They’re a stylish car service that ensures you get from one destination to another. You can get a variety of limo sizes, colors, and makes. 

Limos can be used when on vacation, for weddings, proms, and even for business trips. Check out why you should use luxury limos for your next business trip. 

5. See How the Other Half Live by Renting a Private Jet

Who doesn’t want to get around the world in a private jet? The only problem is that most of us can’t afford to keep a private jet. But not to worry, there are many companies that let regular people rent and experience life with a private jet.

For as little as a few thousand dollars, you might be able to secure your own jet to travel from one destination to another. The best news is you don’t need to go through customs or wait for three hours to board either.

6. Experience an Elephant Ride in Laos

If you don’t care too much about luxury but have a soft spot for beautiful animals, why not experience an elephant ride in Laos? There are several elephants you can meet, befriend, feed, stroke, and ride.

There’s a range of tours available at elephant camps, or you can go to Luang Prabang and ride an elephant at the entrance.

7. Live Your Dreams on a Reindeer Sleigh in Finland

Elsewhere in the world, there are many other transportation options that involve animals. For example, in Lapland, you can live your dreams on the oldest form of transport in the north by being pulled along by some reindeers on a sleigh. 

Reindeer sledding is a very popular mode of transport for families who visit Finland over Christmas, as it can be a very magical experience. You might also get to make a reindeer friend or two too. 

8. Relax on a Gondola in Italy

Kick back and relax on a Gondola as your tour guide navigates the canals of Venice. This traditional mode of transport has helped many locals get around the famous canals of Venice for centuries. 

Onboard the wood-carved gondola boat, you can expect to hear about the local attractions from your guide, enjoy city views from the canals, and even enjoy listening to Italian songs.  

9. Pick up Pace on a Shotover Jet in New Zealand

If you enjoy water transportation and are seeing the wonders of New Zealand, then you should try out the speedy Shotover Jet. This jet boat ride allows you to experience the narrow Shotover Canyons in Queenstown.

For thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, this exhilarating ride is a must as you’ll be going full speed at over 85 kph!

10. Take in Views From Above on the Aerial Tramway in Switzerland

Do you want panoramic views of stretching mountains and breathtaking landscapes as you travel? Then you need to head to Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland and take a ride on the aerial tramway. 

This is the highest cable car in Europe and provides iconic views in the Swiss Alps, which can be enjoyed through the windows of the cars. 

11. Go Below Ground With the Tünel in Turkey

The Tünel is an underground funicular that has two stations and connects Karakoy and Beyoglu together. This short underground railway line provides a quick and easy solution to get from Karakoy to Beyoglu. 

12. Seek Thrills on the Suspension Railway in Germany

If you find yourself in Wuppertal in Germany, then you should experience the suspension railway. This magnificent railway is the oldest electric elevated one of its kind in the world. 

The railway complete with hanging cars is a very unique system and has been in operation since 1901 and has 20 stations. 

See the World in Style With Our Guide on Types of Transportation

Wherever you are in the world, there are so many different types of transportation that you can use. Experiencing unique modes of transportation can help you get more of a feel for different cultures and learn more about how locals live and travel in their country.

Be sure to check out some of our other travel tips and features to make your trips and vacations extra special. 

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