18 Important Things to Know Before Moving to Idaho

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Did you know in 2018, the population of Idaho was 1,754,208? If you’re considering moving to Idaho, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the pros of moving to Idaho.

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1. Do You Enjoy Football?

In Idaho, there are a lot of loyal fans who support the Boise State Broncos football team. You’ll see lots of Boise State jerseys and colors on Idahoans. Game days will draw massive crowds.

Idaho doesn’t have professional sports teams. Fans focus on college and minor league athletics.

2. There Are Lots of Natural Resources in Idaho

Idaho’s nickname is the Gem State due to its scenic landscape and natural resources. Lumber, lead, zinc, and silver come from Idaho and boost the economy of the state.

Other gems mined from Idaho include jasper, jade, topaz, zircon, opal, and tourmaline.

3. People Love Living in Boise

Idaho’s capital city, Boise, has a lower cost of living. There’s a lower rate of crime there, as well. People who live in Idaho can enjoy different outdoor recreational activities.

4. Enjoy the Fry Sauce

One of the top sauces in Idaho is fry sauce. The sauce’s base is mayonnaise and ketchup, flavored with onion powder and paprika.

When you head to a restaurant, your french fries will get served with fry sauce.

5. Agriculture Is Big in Idaho

Beets, plums, potatoes, barley, and dairy are products of Idaho’s agriculture sector.

The state produces hundreds of different commodities. It ranks top in the nation for various livestock and crops.

6. Enjoy Shoshone Falls

You’ll find Shoshone Falls on the Snake River near Twin Falls, Idaho. Shoshone Falls is one of Idaho’s most popular attractions.

The falls are 212 feet and higher than Niagara Falls. You can visit the falls from September to the end of March.

7. Expect Extreme Weather Conditions

In Idaho, expect the winters to be snowy and the summers to be quite hot. The average low temperature in December is around 24 degrees. In the summer, the average temperature is 91 degrees.

8. Do You Love Rafting?

Enjoy whitewater rafting in the Snake River and the Salmon River. You can raft through forested canyons. Take a break on a warm and sandy beach.

Different companies will offer multi-day rafting tours in Idaho. You will have a guide who knows unique and fun spots.

9. Visit a Hot Spring

If you’d rather not go on a rafting adventure, consider enjoying Idaho’s hot springs. Idaho has the highest number of hot springs in the nation.

Add the Rocky Canyon Hot Springs or the Kirkham Hot Springs to your list.

10. Cook Idaho Potatoes

Potatoes are part of the identity of Idaho. The growing conditions, soil, and climate make Idaho potatoes unique. Enjoy fluffier baked potatoes, crisper fries, and delicious mashed Idaho potatoes.

Visit the Idaho Potato Museum and pick up local potatoes.

11. Enjoy the Outdoors

You’ll get to choose between hiking, hunting, rafting, camping, or fishing. Idaho residents love to explore the outdoors.

If you move to Idaho, take advantage of the outdoor activities.

12. Rates of Homeownership Is High

Idaho’s homeownership rate is high in the nation. Most Idaho residents are homeowners in single-family dwellings. If you want a home, you might have the chance to stop renting in Idaho.

Work with a financial advisor when you arrive in Idaho. This way, you can make sure you’re on track to buying a home.

Research different moving companies if you need moving help in Pocatello.

13. Enjoy the State Fruit

Huckleberry is the state fruit, and it is delicious. People make jams, drinks, and ice creams from huckleberries.

Consider going berry-picking during huckleberry season. Or you can go to local farmers’ markets or order huckleberry dishes on local menus.

14. Enjoy the Caviar

Idaho’s known for its caviar. Idaho White Sturgeon Caviar is expensive but popular.

Sturgeon farms along the Snake River offer this delicacy. You can sample this special treat when you move to Idaho.

15. Idaho Is a Red State

Idaho tends to lean towards red. The state’s four electoral college votes go to the Republican candidate. Both US senators are Republicans.

If you leave a blue state, prepare for political debates with coworkers and neighbors.

16. Craters of the Moon National Monument

When you move to Idaho, make sure to check out this phenomenal spot. This nature spot’s landscape got formed by molten lava fields. You can check out cinder cones, lava tube caves, and volcanic rifts.

The landscape is a perfect spot for space mission training and NASA research.

17. Visit Old Towns and Learn About the Gold Rush

When you settle in Idaho, consider going on a day trip to visit old ghost towns. These ghost towns are from the gold rush days. If you travel through the state, you’ll see different towns in various stages of decay.

Entire towns and buildings and structures are now abandoned. Have fun with your friends or family exploring these unique towns.

18. People Are Friendly

When you move to Idaho, you might notice that most of your interactions with others are pleasant. A simple conversation at your gas or grocery store could turn into a longer discussion.

Now You Know What to Expect When Moving to Idaho

We hope these tips for moving to Idaho were helpful. Now that you know more pros of living in Idaho, start getting excited about your new change.

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