3 Adventurous and Less-Traveled Island Holidays

Dealing with COVID cabin fever? You’re not alone.

Even with the delightful news about the COVID vaccines making their rounds across healthcare workers, it’ll still be some time before accessibility becomes high enough to allow for complete freedom of movement.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to completely give up any holiday plans. It simply means that you’ll have to be extra cautious with choosing your holiday destinations. You’ll want to go off the beaten path a bit, so how does an adventurous island holiday sound?

Keep on reading for our three top ideas for the island holidays of your dreams. 

1. Island Holidays 101: Greece

At this point, everyone (and their mothers) know about the beauty of Greece, and the iconic Pantheon, the ancient Acropolis, or even the luxury villas in Zakynthos where you can enjoy the sun setting with a delightful glass of wine. 

Yet, when looking at distant locations, you’ll want to turn your eyes to the sheer amount of islands (around 6,000 give or take) scattered around Greece, spanning three different seas, and with more than 200 of these little islands completely uninhabited. 

One of those gems is Chrissi Island, where you can truly explore the charming coastal views while playing it safe with COVID.  

2. The Highlands: Scottish Highlands

If you’re still craving some water time, you really can’t go wrong with a sailing adventure exploring the Scottish highlands, and islands. 

One of the key features of the Scottish highlands is the abundance of options when it comes to scenery and things to do. From harbor towns with historical heritage to the ever-changing terrain of mountains and rugged coastlines. You can also enjoy some sandy beaches, and clock some time in the sun.

3. Literally off the Beaten Path: The Altai Mountains, Mongolia

If Mongolia itself doesn’t seem that remote, rest assured that the Altai Mountains are considered to be extremely remote, even by Mongolian standards. 

Located in the distant Bayan-Olgii province, which is a rarely-visited part in the far western corner of the country, their mountains have been the home of (mostly) Kazakh Muslims of the region for centuries. It provides a unique cultural experience with fantastic mountain scenery.

Moreover, you can do some mountain trekking, horseback riding, and eagle hunting. These three activities are rather special to the region, with the hunting festivals occurring in October. 

Even if you’re not interested in hunting-for-sport, you should take advantage of the festival to take a look at those eagles. Taking a look at a highly trained 20-lb winged monster of a bird of prey is a rather rare sight. 

Ready to Spread Your Wings?

Caution is no reason for letting your mental health slip through the COVID lockdown cracks. We hope our little list of the top three island holidays destinations got your creative juices flowing, and you’re ready to go on new adventures, while still being safe.

But, if you’re curious about travel destinations, what else are you curious about?

You’ll want to take a look at our ‘curious travel’ section for all the tips and tricks you could possibly need. 

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