3 Cute Medium Length Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try This Year

Nothing transforms your look quite like a new hairstyle. A new cut or fresh color might be exactly what you need to shake it up if you’ve been wearing the same style for a long time.

Of course, it can also be intimidating to transform your hair. But that’s why you should check out some inspiration before heading into the salon. Whether you want a drastic change or something more subtle, there are cute hairstyles trends you’ll love.

Look no further for fresh inspiration to show your stylist. Here are three medium-length hairstyles you can rock.

1. Give Dimension with Color

You could choose a natural color like brown, black, blonde, or red. The great part about color is that it can be a subtle or dramatic transformation. You can go from one side of the spectrum to the other or only a few shades lighter or darker.

Or you can go bold with your color transformation and choose a fashion color like pink, blue, yellow, or green. Paired with medium-length hairstyles, bold colors are fun and unique.

If you don’t want to commit to a full head of color, opt for a balayage hair color. Balayage hair features highlights that start at the midshaft and have denser color towards the end. It gives the look of a naturally grown-out color.

Here is more info on the balayage process.

2. Lots of Effortless Curls

Soft, effortless curls are a great everyday look. From beachy waves to ringlet curls, there is are curly hairstyles for everyone. And on a medium-length haircut, curls have the chance to shine.

Allow your natural curls to pop by getting a haircut catered towards curly hair. These cuts are typically done on dry hair to retain the natural curl pattern. You can also use curl-defining products to make your curls pop.

3. Add Some Layers

Yes, blunt-cut lobs are chic and timeless, but they aren’t your only option for getting a new haircut. You may have heard that adding layers can thin out your hair.

It’s true that layers aren’t right for every hair type—particularly those with thin or fine hair. But if you have thick hair or want to remove some weight, layers can look great.

Adding layers to your hair gives you more volume, shape, and movement. You can also get layers to frame your face. If you’re up for future maintenance, layers can give your hair some much-needed bounce.

Get Inspired by These Medium-Length Hairstyles

Want to feel like a new person? A new hairstyle might be in order. A new hair transformation can give you the boost of confidence you’ve been looking for. From a fresh cut to bold new hair color, you have so many options that can fit your style.

And with these three medium-length hairstyles, you have the inspiration to help you find your next look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these ideas to customize your hairstyle.

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