3 Reasons to Visit Australia at Least Once in Your Life

Are you considering a trip to Australia?

Even though it’s commonly known for kangaroos, hot weather, and the crocodile hunter, Australia has a lot more to offer. That’s why in 2018, 9.3 million short-term international visitors arrived at its shores.

So what exactly can you do in Australia and why is it different from anywhere else in the world? Well even for a country only founded a few hundred years ago, it has a rich culture and heritage. It’s also home to some of the greatest natural beauties.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons to visit Australia in your lifetime.

Read on for more information.

1. The Great Barrier Reef

If you’re wanting to see a natural wonder then there’s few better than The Great Barrier Reef.

It is the biggest coral reef system in the world and can even be seen from space. To put it in perspective, it’s larger than the United Kingdom.

You can go diving or snorkeling whilst getting up close to the coral and swimming with the underwater wildlife. This is something you can’t experience anywhere else in the world and will be a story to boast about when you get home.

2. You Can Take a Long, Long Road Trip

Australia is in fact the sixth largest country on Earth. This makes it the perfect place to go exploring. Every year, an enormous amount of tourists hire cars and camper vans and head off on the open road.

If you have several months spare, you could travel around Australia and visit all its major cities and remote towns.

But, if you don’t have that long, you could take a ride along the Great Ocean Road. On this drive, you’ll see rainforests, old volcanoes, and beautiful coastline.

3. Relax on One of Its Many Beaches

Given that Australia is the world’s largest island, it’s not surprising that it has a few beaches to offer. In fact, Australia has over 11,000 beaches waiting to be explored.

So, if you want some relaxation you could stop off at Sydney’s Shelly Beach or, Hyams Beach located in New South Wales. This in fact has the whitest sand on the planet.

But if you fancy something more adventurous, then don’t forget that Australia is a surfer’s paradise. It offers some of the best waves for surfing so check out places like Prevelly Bay and Northern Beaches.

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Best Reasons to Visit Australia

So there you have it, three of the best reasons to visit Australia at least once in your lifetime.

Australia truly is a place that has something for everyone. Don’t let life pass you by without taking a trip down under.

Finally, check out the travel section of our blog for more great guides and tips.

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