3 Signs of Bad Roofing Contractors

A roof is an essential feature of almost any home. Without one, your residence is susceptible to the elements over time. It can deteriorate and increase in costs to repair. 

But how can you know who to trust to maintain your roof? Keep reading to learn a few signs to catch bad roofing contractors.

1. Poor Craftsmanship

Signs of poor craftsmanship from bad roofing contractors can be pretty obvious. The roof might not be lined appropriately; leakages or visible gaps may exist. The shingles may be crookedly laid out or may not fit together smoothly.

The nails may be exposed and not correctly sealed off with roofing tar. Installations may not be done correctly, furniture and fixtures may be missing or improperly installed, and they may be using inappropriate materials.

Poor artistry can leave your home vulnerable to further water damage, so immediately address any of these issues. Bad roofing contractors also forget their responsibility when it comes to cleanup. You may find nails left behind on your lawn, fail to remove old shingles, or dispose of any extra materials left over after the job is complete.

Moreover, the job may not be completed within the specified time frame, and the roofing company may be charging too little. All of these factors point to poor craftsmanship on the contractor’s part.

2. Improper Construction Practices

This can be seen in lines of shingles that overlap awkwardly, materials that don’t line up correctly, and gaps in the shingles. Signs of water damage, missing or incorrectly installed flashing, and large patches in the roof indicate that a contractor has not put in the necessary time and effort to complete the job correctly.

Furthermore, if the contractor has made a mistake yet refuses to return to fix it, that could indicate an unprofessional contractor if unnerving details such as these can be seen in the construction. 

Improperly sealed vents or valleys may cause water infiltration through the roof, which could result in costly interior damage. Lastly, materials that appear too thin or old should also be avoided. A good roofing company can answer any questions you have to ensure that your roof will be built to last.

3. Unprofessional Communication Habits

Signs of lousy roofing contractors can manifest in various ways, but one of the most evident is their communication habits. If a contractor is responding to your questions and requests days or weeks after the initial communication, this is a clear sign of unprofessional behavior.

It’s essential to choose roofers who respond immediately and demonstrate their ability to keep open and timely lines of communication with you. Unprofessional contractors may try to avoid questions and requests by only giving one-word responses or refusing to respond.

They may also lack transparency regarding the details of the job they’ll be providing and the progress of your project. If this is the case, finding a new roof contractor is best.

Avoid Bad Roofing Contractors Starting Today

Signs of bad roofing contractors can vary from inadequate communication to poor artistry. Before giving the go signal, do your research and seek reviews to ensure you are dealing with a reputable contractor.

Contact a local roofing professional to get started today if you need a new roof installation!

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