3 Tips for Playing Online Mobile Games in 2022

When it comes to time spent on the phone, approximately 42% of it goes to mobile games. While there are many benefits to online mobile games, many players don’t create the best experience for themselves.

Did you know that your mobile gaming setup could be limiting your success in online games? Continue reading to get our top tips for the best mobile gaming experience.

1. Check Your Phone

Before searching for new online multiplayer games, you should check your phone for compatibility. While the vast majority of smartphones are compatible with online mobile games, there are exceptions.

It’s also important to adjust your device settings before starting a game. The right settings make for an optimal gaming experience and prevent interruptions.

Available Memory (RAM)

You’ll have a difficult time with mobile games online if you don’t have enough RAM (random-access memory). Check your device’s internal storage capacity to prevent reaching capacity and slow processing speeds.

Internet Connection

Another way to slow down your online mobile games is with a poor internet connection. Try playing online games only when you have good Wi-Fi or 5G connection to prevent lagging and game crashes. 

Do Not Disturb

Most devices offer some form of do-not-disturb mode to prevent notifications, calls, and other distractions. Without this feature turned on, you risk being interrupted in the middle of an otherwise flawless run.

For many smartphones, the do-not-disturb mode is available in the settings or the top menu bar. Many systems also allow you to set a time limit for this mode so you don’t forget to turn it off once you’re finished. 

2. Get the Right Gear

The next step in preparing for online mobile games is getting the right gear. While you can start with just a mobile device, better gear can help enhance your performance. If you’re serious about mobile games, upgrade your gear.

Earbuds or Headset

Mobile games online require focus for the best results. Playing in a distracting, noisy environment can mean lower scores and skills. Investing in a headset or earbuds can help you focus and remain distraction-free.

Optimized Controls

The top performers in both paid and free online mobile games have the best skill. However, this isn’t just natural ability. Optimized controls such as external controllers allow more precision and quicker reaction times.

3. Find the Right Online Mobile Games

If you’re new to mobile games, make sure you take the time to find the right types of games. Sites like gamemine o2 are subscription-based and include hundreds of different online games to try. 

Examples include action, strategy, adventure, and logic. If online multiplayer games aren’t your style, try single-player games or find ones that allow you to play with friends instead of strangers. 

Make the Most of Online Mobile Games

For the best experience with online mobile games, you need the right equipment, settings, and online games. This combination can also help change average skill into above-average.

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