4 Best Tips To Help You Find Discount Yacht Trips Online

Did you know that the luxury yacht market is expected to reach a $10.2 billion market by 2025?

That means you’re likely to get a lot of great deals for your next yacht trip. However, if it’s your first time planning a yacht trip, then you might get overwhelmed by the details. If you don’t know where to look, then you might end up missing the better deals.

Don’t lose hope yet!

Here are some tips to get the best deals for your discount yacht trips.

1. Book Early

Planning can be difficult, but most companies offer early booking discounts. As long as you plan your yacht trip at least six months in advance, you also get more perks. You get to choose the boat type, age, cabins, and other amenities.

If you book the trip earlier, you’ll also get more options for accommodations and airfare. Some destinations require you to book early. For example, Tonga doesn’t have a large charter fleet, meaning that you’re unlikely to get a boat if you book late.

2. Go Often and Get Discount Yacht Trips

If you find a good charter company, then you can earn a loyalty discount. It happens when you book them often, regardless of the method. In most cases, booking the same company means getting around a five percent discount sea adventure.

Loyalty also grants you special perks. Some companies will offer free laundry, complimentary dinners, nightly cocktails, and free trips after earning enough credit. 

3. Go During Off-Season or Shoulder Season

Yacht charter companies will offer lower prices after the high season ends. The good news is that going off-season doesn’t mean that your trip won’t be good. You’re unlikely to encounter crowds of tourists flocking to your destination.

For example, Mediterranean trips are at their peak between July and August. Both tourists and locals alike will compete for yacht trips, so it’s harder to get good discounts. However, if you go during the off-season, then you’re guaranteed to have a crowd-free sailing vacation.

4. Go as a Big Group

If you get more people to go with you, you’ll get bigger discounts. In most cases, chartering companies won’t charge children and offer more amenities for large groups. For instance, some providers will offer beverage packages or other amenities of your choice if you book 14 people.

Lone travelers shouldn’t give up on getting discount yacht trips. Instead, look out for reductions in the “single supplement” fees. It’s an additional charge for a person in a yacht cabin, which can range anywhere between 10 and 100 percent of the rate.

Book a Wonderful Yacht Trip Today!

These are but a few of the many ways for you to get discount yacht trips. However, if you’re not sure where to start, then these are enough to get you some of the best deals out there. Don’t hesitate to try these tips and start saving on yacht trips today!

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