4 Insider Hacks on How to Keep Your Pool Clean

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There are over 10.4 million residential pools in the U.S. alone. You can also find 309,000 public swimming pools. 

If you own a pool or are thinking of owning one, then you might wonder how to keep your pool clean. While dirt, leaves, and algae can build up fast, there’s hope!

This article will take a look at the top insider hacks to keep your pool like new. Read on and swim on to explore these tips and say hello to your clean and healthy pool today!

1. Check Pool Chemistry

You can buy some of the best pool products such as test strips and kits to check your pool’s chemistry. In order to help to keep your pool clean, you’ll want to test your pool’s levels about once or twice a week. 

The optimal level will be between 7.2-7.8. When the pH level is lower, that means you won’t have to add as much chlorine. When the pH rises, chlorine is less active. 

A high pH will cause deposits on the walls of your pool. Wipe down the waterline every week in order to reduce build-up. 

When you check your pool to ensure everything is running properly, you’ll wind up using less chlorine. If you’re not sure how to maintain pool levels, you can reach out to a pool professional in your area. 

2. Pool Filter

Your pool filter system is what leads to a clean pool since it circulates the water. It reduces contaminants and other dirt in your pool. Without a proper pool filter, your pool will wind up being polluted, cloudy, and unswimmable. 

Make sure that you have the filter system and pump working every day in order to keep the water flowing. If you can’t have the pump running all of the time, you’ll want to at least aim for 10-12 hours per day. 

You’ll also want to have the pool filter backwash. This means the water goes in reverse into the filter and pushes the dirty water into the waste port. This carries the dirty contaminants out of your pool. 

3. Shock and Algaecide

Every week you’ll want to use shock and algaecide. This will kill any leftover algae or bacteria that are growing. You can find different shock treatments at pool supply stores on or offline. 

Read the instructions before use to ensure that you use the correct amount of shock treatment. If you see algae growing, you’ll want to use an algaecide. It works to kill off the algae growing in your pool. 

4. Use Pool Covers

Use a pool cover to maintain heat and keep dirt out. If you have much wildlife in your area, it’ll keep animals, leaves, and dirt out of your pool. 

Exploring How To Keep Your Pool Clean

Now that you’ve explored how to keep your pool clean, you should be well prepared to have a pool like new! Would you like to read more how to’s and top tips and tricks? 

We can help! Check out our other articles on our site today.

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