4 Medical Marijuana Uses You Probably Don’t Know About

The popularity of marijuana is spiking. No longer associated with hippies and recreational smoking, medical marijuana uses have garnered lots of attention. 

As a plant-based alternative to modern medicine, medical marijuana can help with a variety of ills. We’ve assembled a guide to 4 medical marijuana uses that can help transform your health, reduce pain, improve focus, and more. 

1. Chronic Pain 

From an opioid epidemic to overprescribing antibiotics, prescription pills aren’t the answer to everything. In fact, doctors are waking up to the fact that overprescription can lead to overdose, addiction, and even death. 

But what are chronic pain sufferers supposed to do? They need relief, which can often come from consistent medication. But consistent use of prescription-strength painkillers can often lead to addiction.

That’s where medical marijuana comes in. Since weed isn’t addictive, people can use it for years to safely manage their chronic pain.

2. Insomnia 

Some people blame hectic modern schedules. Others credit cell phones. No matter what the cause, insomnia is rampant. 

What can you do when you’re tossing and turning for the fifth hour in a row, unable to fall asleep? Cannabis just might be the answer. 

Many people report improved sleep when using marijuana. Whether you only want to use medical marijuana, or are the type of hobbyist Googling ‘recreational pot delivery near me‘, it really works!

3. Cancer 

Chemotherapy has saved countless lives. However, the side effects of chemotherapy can be nasty. 

Weight loss, nausea, and loss of appetite are all documented side effects of chemotherapy. This can make patients even more sickly since they can’t keep food down. 

Fortunately, there is plenty of documentation on how weed makes a big difference. If you’ve ever used cannabis recreationally, then you know that while getting high, you may experience ‘the munchies.’

This is exactly what chemo patients need—incentives to eat! This can make a big difference in their overall recovery.

4. Multiple sclerosis 

Over 1 million people live with multiple sclerosis. Why? Part of it is because of the painkilling properties of marijuana, as discussed above. 

But another reason is that one of medical marijuana’s uses is reducing muscle spasms. Since this is one of the primary symptoms of multiple sclerosis, no wonder so many patients choose to use weed. 

At this point, you may be wondering how to use medical marijuana. Depending on your condition, different forms of ingestion may be more or less effective. 

Traditional methods of smoking it may work. Or, you may prefer edible forms. Medical marijuana comes in many forms, whether in tinctures, lotions, capsules, gummies, and more. 

Pick whatever works best for you when trying to take advantage of all the various medical marijuana uses.

Medical Marijuana Uses

There are lots of medical marijuana uses. If you’re willing to experiment with what works for you—with the blessing of your primary care physician—there are lots of options available!

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