4 Things You Should Consider Before Adopting a Parrot

Are you thinking about bringing a bird into your home?

There are approximately 14 million parrots living in homes and zoos throughout the United States, so you’re certainly not alone. But, you need to make sure that you’re considering all the different aspects before you introduce a new bird to your household.

Check out the top things you know before you adopt a parrot.

1. Know the Different Varieties

Parrots aren’t a monolith. There are lots of different types of parrots, some of which may suit your lifestyle better than others. One major factor is the size of different varieties of parrots.

Some of the different types of parrots include:

  • Blue parrots
  • Amazon parrots
  • Parakeets
  • Pionus parrots
  • Eclectus parrots
  • African grey parrots
  • Grey parrots
  • Pigeons
  • Senegal parrots

So, do careful research on the different types of parrots so that you can choose an optimal bird for your requirements and needs. If you’re having trouble, look into your options when it comes to the best small parrots as pets.

2. Length of Time

Parrots actually live quite a bit longer than you probably think, so they’re actually a big commitment in terms of a pet. Parrots actually often outlive their owners.

Depending on the type of parrot you choose, parrots can live as little as five years or as long as sixty years. That’s yet another reason it’s important to consider the type of parrot you choose before you bring one into your home.

3. Care Options

Parrots require specific healthcare options that you’ll need to consider before you introduce a parrot into your home.

You’ll need to have an appropriate veterinarian on hand, and commit to taking your parrot to regular checkups. You’ll also want to buy food that is best for your parrot’s digestive system. Your parrot will also need to be washed regularly, and need to have its nails clipped on a regular basis.

It’s extremely important to understand the needs of parrots going in, since so many parrots are abandoned on a regular basis at shelters throughout the country.

4. Understand Bird Safety

There are specific things you need to do and avoid when you’re introducing any type of bird to your home. First and foremost, you can never smoke within your home.

You also cannot use candles or air fresheners when you have a parrot in the house, since birds have a much more sensitive respiratory system than humans. You’ll have to be very careful about what cleaning products you bring into your home. Even certain forms of cookware products can cause severe issues for parrots, so you’ll need to explore chemicals that can be dangerous to parrots extremely carefully.

Adopt a Parrot Today

While there are different considerations you need to think about, eventually you may be ready to adopt your very own pet parrot.

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