4 Ways to Prevent Burglary in Your Home

It’s everyone’s worst fear — you come home to find the door kicked in or the window broken. After the police arrive, you look through your home and realize that many of your valuables are missing.

The statistics are still true — a burglary happens once every 30 seconds. And a good portion of burglars are smarter than you think. They likely have been casing you for weeks, knowing your schedule and lifestyle well enough to where they can sneak in quickly and steal your stuff without you knowing.

Don’t worry, there are easy ways to prevent burglary. Follow these 4 methods to keep robbers at bay.

1. Keep Your Outdoor Area Clean

A messy outdoor area is one of the most obvious signs you’re away. For example, if your mail piles up, this tells a potential burglar you’re out of town.

There’s another reason to keep your outdoor area clean. Let’s say you got a new TV. You may not think keeping the box outside in the trash is a big issue, but burglars will definitely notice. This is especially true during the holidays when most people are shopping and receiving gifts.

Keeping a clean outdoor area is integral to burglary prevention. Be sure to properly break down and conceal any trash boxes. If you’re out of town, ask a loved one to collect your mail.

2. Never Leave a Ladder Out

Burglars can always find a way into your home. You may think you’re safe because you always lock your doors and windows. But if you have an upstairs window or patio door, all a burglar has to do is climb a ladder and gain access to your home.

Never leaving out a ladder is one of the most important home security tips. Many burglars won’t carry ladders of their own to remain inconspicuous. But you may want to lock all doors and windows upstairs and install security cameras in these areas, just in case.

3. Invest in Better Doors and Windows

Lock your doors and windows all the time? Good — but a burglar can still kick down a cheap door or break a glass window. Steel doors with deadbolts are more difficult to kick in. Impact-resistant windows won’t break easily.

Don’t forget about your patio doors. There are secure and energy saving patio doors available that offer advanced locking mechanisms.

4. Trim Your Shrubs and Trees

Overgrown trees and shrubs are the perfect hiding places for burglars. They can hide out in these areas and will wait until you leave to make their move.

If you trim your trees and shrubs, a burglar will have a difficult time hiding on your property. Pay special attention to trees and shrubs near your doors and windows. You’ll also want to install motion sensor lighting, just to be on the safe side.

Prevent Burglary Today

The idea of someone breaking into your home is scary. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent burglary, such as keeping your outdoor area clean, never leaving out a ladder, investing in better doors and windows, and trimming your trees and shrubs.

Follow these tips for better home safety. And continue reading our blog for more interesting content!

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