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5 Advanced Strategies to Beef Up Your SEO Campaigns

Get with the times, you old fart. Consumers are more deterred by difficult, ugly content than you think.

If the Google gods determine your web page is too wordy, unrelated, or unpopular, it will be banished to the second, third, or twenty-fifth page of search results. There, your site receives a slow trickle of visitors, the picky 25% of people not satisfied with page one.

But you can do better than that, can’t you? Your website isn’t scraps created for page two.

Get more eyes on your content by launching one of these highly effective SEO campaigns.

1. Turbocharge Your Content

What is an SEO campaign? Before you start any of these advanced strategies and SEO tricks, you’ll want to conduct an audit on your website to see what really needs to be improved. Once you understand the market and how your content contributes, it’ll be much easier to see which areas need the most attention. 

Content is king. Good content needs to establish expertise, appear authoritative, and teem with trustworthiness. E.A.T. for short.

Successful SEO campaigns make sure content is not only informative and accurate, but actively pulls in traffic with popular keywords. 

  • Find relevant keywords with medium to high search volume.
  • Check out the competition for the most linkable topics and figure out how you can do it better.
  • Include the keyword throughout your new web page without ‘keyword stuffing,’ because that’ll actually hurt your ranking.
  • Promote content to the people who need and want it most.

Once you get the hang of this trick, enter the SEO contest uwelcome2019 to see how your new website SEO campaigns compare.  

2. Give Old Content a Makeover

Apply this same process to older, low-performing content on your website. Enrich those pages by re-centering them around popular keywords and make content easier to read by using shorter sentences.

3. Boldly Grab the Low Hanging Fruit

Once you create new and rewrite old content for the more popular keywords, do the same thing for keywords that have a little less competition.

Secure a high rank for these and build internal links to the more competitive pages on your site. 

4. Everybody Loves a Tease

Have you ever searched a question in Google and had the answer pop up in a box right under the search bar? Before all the links to web pages, Google sometimes offers featured snippets that directly answer specific quires.

Obviously, you’re going to click on the thing with an answer to your exact question, especially when you can see a preview.  

Optimize your most relevant content to compete for queries that offer featured snippets.

5. Spin a Web for Crawlers

Restructure your site so popular and important topics are no more than 2-3 clicks from the homepage. Crawlers can more easily access and index those pages, helping them rank higher in searches.

Take Your SEO Campaigns on the Road 

SEO is your friend when it comes to climbing to the number one result slot in a search. If you think you’ve got a handle on these SEO campaigns, or have a few new one of your own, check out these five tips on becoming an SEO freelancer.

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