5 Birthday Destinations That Will Make Blowing Out the Candles Unforgettable

The average age of a person living in the United States is 38 years old.

Are you creeping closer to that number this year? Are you stepping further away from it?

Honestly, who cares?

A birthday is a birthday and no matter how old you’re turning, blowing out those candles is cause for some serious celebrating!

We’re willing to bet that if you’re reading this article, you’re tired of the same old birthday dinner where waiters sing you some knock-off birthday song. We’re thinking that you’re looking for a chance to get away and celebrate your big day somewhere new.

To that end, we’ve got you covered!

Below, our team highlights some of the best birthday destinations in the United States. We’re positive that these fun cities will rock your world.

1. New York City

New York City is America’s quintessential world-class town. It’s a titan of industry, art, cuisine, fun and so much more.

If you’re a junky for jumping from one great activity to the next, NYC’s multitude of options is going to be a dream come true for you. And who doesn’t want their dreams to come true on their birthday, right?

Birthday ideas are pretty easy to come by in this town so put your ear to the ground, drum up some inspiration and prepare to have a blast.

2. New Orleans

New Orleans is like a cultured Las Vegas. You’ve got music, food, fun, and also the quintessential southern charm that’s laid on so thick you could cut through it with a knife!… Oh, wait. That’s just the humidity.

In all seriousness though, New Orleans is on our birthday destinations list because it’s a town that makes having a party or just kicking back and taking in the vibe simple.

It’s definitely a place worth hitting up in your 20’s/30’s.

3. Las Vegas

Alright, now that we’ve just finished telling you that New Orleans is more cultured than Vegas, we’re going to recommend Vegas. After all, sometimes you’re looking for a less cultured experience during a birthday bash.

Vegas needs no description.

You’ve got drinks, parties, fun and more fun. What more could you ask for from a birthday?

4. Fort Lauderdale

If beaches are your birthday jam, Fort Lauderdale is a great pick. It’s got all of the awesome environment that you’d expect from Miami but feels less played-out and less grimy.

Start your birthday by relaxing at any one of the awesome resorts that line Miami’s beach and take things from there!

5. Maui

If you can afford the plane tickets, Maui should definitely be towards the top of your birthday destinations list.

You’ve got crystal blue waters, volcanoes, awesome food and luaus people. LUAUS!

Throw on your grass-skirt, throw away your inhibitions and prepare to have a blast.

Wrapping Up Our Top Birthday Destinations

Grab your friends and head to any one of the birthday destinations that we’ve just suggested and we guarantee that you’re going to have a good time!

If you’re already having a good time reading our blog posts then we’ve got good news for you… We have a lot more content on our site!

Click back over to our blog and keep fulfilling your need to know by reading more now!

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