5 Celebrities in Recovery to Gather Inspiration From

Have you been struggling with substance abuse? It’s never the easiest thing to go through especially if you’ve got a dual diagnosis with addiction and another illness. It can be scary reaching out and getting help for it too.

You don’t want to feel judged by your family and friends. Take solace in knowing that you’re not alone in this experience.  Substance abuse doesn’t discriminate. It can affect the best of us. 

There are several celebrities in recovery stories that may sound a little like yours. To help you get some inspiration to start your journey towards recovery, keep reading to learn more about these famous individuals.  

1. Robert Downey Jr. 

Robert Downey Jr. began using drugs before he reached his teenage years. He was arrested for alcohol, cocaine, and heroin through the late 90s and even some in the 2000s. He spent some time in a state-run rehab center. 

He has been sober since 2002 and got his career back going in full swing by staring as Iron Man in 2008. 

2. Demi Lovato 

As we said in the beginning, having a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental illness makes matters all the more difficult. That’s why Alo House dual diagnosis treatment centers and others are so important. 

Demi Lovato entered one of these facilities for addiction as well as eating disorders and mental illness back in 2010. Today, she remains sober and tells her story in interviews to inspire others to get the help that they need. 

3. Jamie Lee Curtis 

Jamie Lee Curtis found herself addicted to prescription pain killers after receiving cosmetic surgery. She entered a treatment center and with time and support was able to overcome addiction. 

Now, she spends time fighting for policies to be put in place to limit opiate misuse so others don’t struggle with what she went through. 

4. Matthew Perry 

Matthew Perry has a history of alcoholism and drug use. A similar situation happened to him that happened to Jamie Lee. He developed an addiction to prescription pain killers after being in an accident. 

He has since then gotten treatment, made a full recovery, and is using his story to inspire others. 

5. Ben Affleck 

Ben Affleck has admitted to having his issues with alcohol. He went to a recovery center once for it back in 2001 and went again in 2018. 

Now, he is an advocate for treatment stating after his 2018 rehab center visit that “getting help is a sign of courage, not weakness or failure”.

Get Inspiration from These Celebrities in Recovery  

As you can see, addiction doesn’t discriminate. These are only a few famous people that have struggled with it in their past. They prove that even the strongest people can fall and get back up. 

We hope that these celebrities in recovery stories have given you the inspiration that you need to go on a journey toward sobriety yourself. Go get the help that you need. 

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