5 Clear Benefits of Microfiber Towels for Cleaning

Cleaning is one of those tasks that seems to chew through your wallet.

You only get one or two passes with a paper towel. Sponges work okay for a while, but they accumulate bacteria that can give the sponge a foul smell. Even cotton towels only enjoy a limited shelf life.

Then, you’re buying more.

Yet, most people use these tools for most cleaning tasks. It turns out that you can deploy a better weapon in your war on uncleanliness: microfiber towels.

If you don’t know about them, keep reading for five benefits of microfiber towels that make them a superior choice.

1. Reusable

Yes, you can reuse sponges and towels for a while. Yet, you probably throw away a sponge about once a month. Dishtowels hold up longer, but they grow less effective the longer you keep them. Plus, you must wash dishtowels frequently to keep them sanitized.

Microfiber towels can go through hundreds of uses and remain just as effective.

2. Lint-Free

How often have you dried your dishes, only to find lint and fibers left on them. Washing and drying dishtowels or any cotton towels break off fibers. That’s lint.

While your dryer’s lint trap captures most of the lint that goes out of the exhaust, it doesn’t do anything for lint that’s stuck to the towels. Microfiber towels don’t break down this way, which means they remain lint-free. Just make sure you wash microfiber towels the right way.

3. Non-Abrasive

Certain things don’t hold up well to even slightly abrasive surfaces. The finish on your car is one great example. No matter how soft those sponges or cotton towels feel to you, you risk scratching delicate surfaces every time you use them.

Microfiber towels don’t pose this problem. They are almost utterly non-abrasive, which makes microfiber towels for cleaning a safe choice.

4. Hypoallergenic

One of the big microfiber benefits for allergy sufferers is that they are hypoallergenic. That means you can use them without the worry that they’ll trigger a nasty skin reaction.

Plus, it’s typically best to wash them with mild, perfume-free detergents. That eliminates another potential allergy trigger.

5. Fewer Chemicals

You may think that the above sounds great, but is it really an improvement over sponges or towels in terms of disinfection. This brings up the issue of how to use microfiber towels. Unlike sponges or even dishtowels, you don’t need chemicals for disinfection.

The towels are naturally antibacterial using nothing but basic water.

Are the Benefits of Microfiber Towels Right for You?

The benefits of microfiber towels make them an easy sell for most people. After all, who doesn’t want cleaning towels that they can use over and over again that won’t scratch finishes or trigger allergies?

Of course, that also means replacing your current towels with all new towels. If you’re on a tight budget, microfiber towels might not prove the best investment. If you’re not sweating pennies, though, you can only benefit.

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