5 Event Catering Tips to Ensure Everyone Will Be Happy

In 2022, there are around 144,560 caterers in the U.S, which means finding the perfect one may take some time. 

Catering for an unforgettable event is no easy feat so familiarize yourself with tricks of the trade. Once you put these into action, customers will keep coming back for more. Here are five of the best event catering tips to try. 

1. Find Your Style of Catering Services

Before you host an event, it’s important to choose your ideal service.

For instance, buffet catering services are popular for casual events as it lets guests graze and mingle. Or, if you’d rather host a sophisticated soiree, then serve food as a plated meal. This lets clients choose their perfect dish and enjoy it with friends. 

Regardless of your choice, understanding the food serving sizes can be tricky, which is why you should use a reliable calculator before every event. If you’re interested, you can get more information here

2. Always Overestimate Your Headcount 

The most important rule for hosting your next event is overestimating your headcount. As a general rule, caterers should offer extra food rather than downsizing as guests could leave hungry, which puts a damper on the night. Instead, figure out the number and prepare extra dishes as a backup.  

3. Consider Dietary Restrictions 

When you host an event, accomodating to your guests’ needs is crucial, so factor in any dietary requirements. Make sure you have a list of any restrictions such as vegan or vegetarian guests. You should also ask your guests whether they have celiac disease or an allergy to dairy, shellfish, or other common foods. 

4. Make Dishes Before the Event 

Preparing for an upcoming event can be stressful, which is why most caterers prepare in advance. This makes sure you have the right ingredients and gives you time for any unexpected changes. For instance, prep your veggies and finish cold dishes like salads so you needn’t worry about it on the day of the event. 

5. Prioritize Food Hygiene 

Around 600 million people globally fall ill after eating contaminated food every year, which shows how common it is. 

No one wants their guests to get food poisoning so prioritize hygiene throughout the process. For instance, thoroughly clean your ingredients, never cross-contaminate, and only work with clean crockery and cutlery. 

You should also check the refrigerator is at optimal temperature, around 41 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Also, clean as you go to prevent the mess from building up on your workstation. 

Enjoy Our Event Catering Tips

Now you’ve learned the top event catering tips, you’ll have an unforgettable time with your guests. 

Start by choosing your catering style, always plan for extra guests, and ask for dietary restrictions before the event. You should also prioritize meal prep and food hygiene to keep everyone safe. Good luck! 

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