5 Family Holiday Ideas for 2023

Around 35% of Americans are planning to take a family vacation this year, which explains why so many are desperate for getaway inspiration. 

Brainstorming vacation ideas is essential for booking a trip everyone will love. It will also help you land the top deals. If you’re unprepared, you risk not maximizing your free time and not building incredible memories. Maybe it’s that concern that brought you here; you’re on the hunt for tips and need a nudge in the right direction. 

Does that sound like you? No worries, we’ve got the answers. Here are the five top family holiday ideas. 

1. Book a City Getaway

One of the top holiday ideas is booking a city trip. The beauty of this option is you can choose one nearby, which is a lifesaver if you’re tight on time. Plus, in most cases, a weekend getaway is often enough. 

Before reaching your desired city, create an itinerary of the top eateries and attractions so that everyone is catered for. Families should also take advantage of free activities, such as visiting certain museums and art galleries. 

2. Enjoy a Beach Vacation 

Our travel guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a beach vacation. You can either head to your local spot or a tropical far-flung country like Costa Rica. If you have the budget, book a resort where you and your family can unwind surrounded by incredible scenery. 

You can also go the extra mile by enjoying watersports like jet skiing or surfing. Or, if you’re after low-key activities, take out a kayak and spend an afternoon snorkeling to check out the sea life. 

3. Go on a Road Trip 

Families with a thirst for adventure should hire an RV and enjoy a week-long road trip. Whether you’re renting or buying a vehicle, make sure that it can fit your family so that everyone’s comfortable. You should also set out your route and pinpoint campsites along the way. 

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4. Visit an Amusement Park

Another unmissable family trip is hitting the amusement park. If your family can’t decide where to go, add Orlando, Florida, to your list because you have plenty of options. For instance, Disney and Universal Studios are family favorites as there’s something for everyone. 

5. Take Your Family Camping 

Got a taste for the outdoors? Then, treat your family on a camping trip. 

Pack up your vehicle with tents, sleeping bags, and a stove. You can either visit your nearest national park or if you’re after amenities, check out campsites in the area where you can wash your clothes and shower. A major benefit of camping is it teaches your kids to love the outdoors. 

Enjoy a Family Holiday in 2023

Hopefully, you’re ready to enjoy a family holiday this year. 

There are many great options to consider, such as arranging a city getaway or visiting an amusement park. Families should also take everyone camping or rent out an RV for an unforgettable road trip. Which one will you choose? 

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