5 Ideas for Socially Distanced Fun Outdoor Activities for Teens

It’s summertime and your teens are on a school break, but things aren’t the same as before. While social distancing rules still apply, this doesn’t mean your teens should stay stuck at home and not hang out with their friends safely.

Teenagers not only get bored easily, but they also don’t want to miss out on the fun and spend time with their friends. Luckily, there are ways to help them feel better and keep them safe at the same time.

Here are 5 fun outdoor activities for teens in times of social distancing that you can do on a budget.

1. Color Powder Party

If you’re looking for fun outdoor games for teens, why not try a color powder event that they can play safely while social distancing? For instance, you can use your backyard as the color run course and map out all the spots. Then, you can organize a color race at a safe social distance, take photos of the event, and offer rewards for the winners.

This is a great way to help your teens have a fun day outside while social distancing and they’ll thank you for it. 

2. Social Distancing Bonfire

A social distancing bonfire is a great way to make sure your teens don’t miss out on socializing while staying safe. They can sit around the bonfire at a safe distance, but they’ll still be able to talk, laugh, and even take turns to roast marshmallows.

They can also tell scary stories, play games, or watch a movie outside while sitting 6ft away from each other. Make sure everyone feels safe throughout the night and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

3. Outdoor Movie Night 

One of the best forms of outdoor fun for teens is a movie night in your backyard where they can watch together and talk about the movie afterward. You can set up the furniture and chairs at a safe 6ft distance, and put everyone’s drinks and snacks separately. 

4. Picnic In the Park

Parks and other outdoor recreation spaces are great for socially distanced picnics. The teens can safely sit down 6 feet away from each other and still have a great time talking and enjoying the sunshine.

5. Outdoor Pizza Game Night

Your backyard is the best way to ensure social distancing for your teens, and it’s also great for playing games. For example, you can throw an outdoor pizza game night where the kids can play board games safely.

They can either make their own pizzas on the grill or you can order pizzas for them. Choose board games that don’t require too much moving around so that everyone can play their turn safely.

Try These Summertime Social Distancing Fun Outdoor Activities for Teens

Social distancing doesn’t mean your kids can’t have fun in the summertime! These fun outdoor activities for teens will help kill their boredom while still giving them the freedom to hang out with their friends safely.

Want more fun summertime ideas? We have tons of other articles on this topic, so stay tuned for more interesting news and tips.

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