5 Interesting Facts About the Construction Industry

Are you looking to learn more about the construction industry as a whole? Do you want to grab more facts about the industry so that you can identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses? If so, then you need to learn facts about the way the construction industry is moving.

Due to the projects (building brick and mortar businesses), most people think that construction companies are behind in the times. They think they’re opposed to the digital marketplace when it’s just the opposite!

See below for an interesting list of facts that everyone in the construction industry should know about their current segment.

1. They’re Focusing on Their Brands

These days, customers build loyalty with a brand through personal and exciting experiences. A company has to pour time, effort, and resources into making their brand more attractive than the “other guys” in their niche. Construction companies are no different.

If you’ve been wondering why you’re getting high bounce rates on your site, it could be due to the lack of engagement on your website. 

Even something as minute as your online estimate form can deter a customer and cause them to hit the back button, never to return. Thankfully, there are resources, such as CostCertified estimates, that can help your company sell and estimate for your real-time site visitors.

Investing in software like this will help your brand convert more passive income. Your company will make money while you sleep or tend to other areas of your business. What’s better than that?

2. More Money, Lower Headcount

For anyone paying attention to the current real estate market, it should come as no surprise that the construction market is thriving. But contrary to popular belief, it has been for a while.

According to Statista, the United States has gone so far as to spend over $1 trillion on construction in one calendar year. As you might imagine, that speaks to the thriving growth and need for housing, corporate space, and the like.

However, even with the astounding amount of money spent on construction, the labor is dwindling. There is a shortage of construction workers and tradesmen used for subcontractor jobs. 

What does that mean for the working man? It means that those that do work in construction can enjoy a higher profit for themselves and their coworkers.

If you’re looking for a new profession, there’s never been a better time to consider joining the construction industry. The payout for even an entry-level worker can be lucrative.

3. Mind-Blowing Architecture

Some of the architecture and materials that go behind construction are too detailed and complex to fathom. 

While people generally don’t think of US construction as innovative, some of the nation’s most noteworthy structures and monuments would tell you otherwise. 

Take the St. Louis Arch as an example. That unique structure was built from the ground up, piece by piece. That meant planning for the two ends to be built up until they meet at the very top of the structure. Incredible!

Then there is the Hoover Dam, which required 3,250,000 cubic yards of concrete to build. As BuilderStorm points out, that’s enough to create a two-lane highway that could extend from San Francisco all the way to New York. 

Granted, not all buildings and structures are as elaborate. But it goes to show that when the construction industry needs to show up and show out, it’s more than capable of doing so!

4. Social Media is a Sales Tool

Most people wouldn’t think that construction companies would be using social media as a marketing and sales tool for their business, if at all. However, there’s no denying the role that it can play in extending your online presence. 

As we touched on fun fact #1, a brand image is too important to ignore these days. Construction companies that take ownership of that are benefitting from a loyal client base.

The benefits of social media marketing are plentiful. It can:

  • Give you brand authority in your industry
  • Increase the inbound traffic that you get to your website
  • Boost the satisfaction of your consumer base
  • Help you connect with your target market
  • Boost the conversion rates of your website
  • Help you generate higher-quality leads

Go ahead… tell us your construction company couldn’t benefit from all those perks. If you haven’t focused on social media thus far, it isn’t too late. Start with one platform, grow your base, invest time and money into it, then reap the results!

5. The Most Used Material in Construction

Quick! Close your eyes and think of what you believe the most used material in all of the construction is. Some of you might be thinking wood, others metal, some of you might even think asphalt. 

The answer we were looking for was “concrete”. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, concrete is the most popular building material for construction in the entire world. 

It’s also the most compelling material in construction. Have you ever walked into a home improvement store and enjoyed the signature smell that comes with it? Believe it or not, that smell is intentional!

Many construction workers are buying concrete from manufacturers that intentionally use agents in their mixture to make the concrete smell good and appeal to the human nose.

Make the Most of Today’s Construction Industry for Your Business

Some of these facts were fun. Others of them dove into the marketing and sales tactics that top-tier companies are using in the construction industry. Be sure to use all of it to your advantage.

Start by identifying the current weaknesses of your construction company as a whole. How can you outsource those tasks and turn that weakness into a strength? Start there!

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on commercial construction, as well as many other helpful topics that you will enjoy.

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