5 Interior Design Trends to Take Advantage of This Year

Are you looking to revamp a room in your home? Or do you have a new space you want to design and make an impactful statement?

Whether you are doing a full renovation project or just looking to update one space, it is always helpful to know the current interior design trends. Doing some online research is easy, but nothing beats expert advice.

Interior designers are the experts that know what will work best in your space and style. To get inspired and then a vision from the experts, go ahead and read below to learn new interior design trends that are popular this year.

1. Saloon Doors

Interior design styles continue to evolve, and this year is no exception. One trend that has been gaining popularity is the use of the saloon door.

Saloon doors are classic yet modern. They provide a unique way to separate interior spaces without blocking off light or views.

This style of door is often used as a way to separate the kitchen from the living room or the bathroom or laundry room from the living spaces.

Check this page with a saloon door to update your home with a classic and modern feel at the same time.

2. Layered Media

Layered media involves incorporating various mediums, such as paintings, photographs, prints, fabrics, and sculptures, into a single space. By layering these mediums, a designer can create a layered, engaging scene.

This style creates a feeling of depth and adds personality and life to a room. Layering media creates visual interest and enables designers to personalize spaces.

Designers are challenged to select media that work together, colors that blend gracefully, and textures that enhance the space.

3. Asymmetry Design

The simplest way to use this trend is to balance the same type of furniture on either side of the room.

Mirrors are another perfect way to incorporate asymmetry into the design. Think about placing a large floor-to-ceiling mirror asymmetrically on the wall or hanging a grouping of different-sized and shaped mirrors in an off-kilter formation.

Layering different elements like cushions, artwork, and lighting enable you to add an asymmetrical touch in a subtle way.

4. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Items

Natural tones and materials are trendier than ever. Wood, stone, or bamboo furnishings can help create a modern and earthy aesthetic.

Cushions and pillows made from cotton and hemp are also a great way to add to your space with sustainability in mind. Low VOC paint makeovers are a great way to update the wall color as well.

If you want to make more of an impact, opt for sustainable fixtures such as LED lightbulbs, bamboo blinds, and ceramic tiles. 

5. Maximalist Schemes

Maximalism celebrates the abundance of colors, textures, and sizes that can be used to create a visually stimulating space.

This look can be achieved by mixing bold colors together. You can also do this through layering rugs and blankets, incorporating patterns, or decorating with oversized furniture pieces.

Maximalist schemes are great for creating inviting and vibrant spaces that can be enjoyed by all. It is also important to make sure to maintain both balance and proportion when taking advantage of this design trend. 

Top Interior Design Trends

2023 interior design trends continue to provide exciting opportunities to bring individuality and standout style into your home. Invest in high-quality fabrics and materials, keep colors neutral, and simplify to get the most out of these design trends.

Be bold and daring. Make sure to find an experienced interior designer to guide you and help you along the way.

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