5 Jobs a Working Dog Can Train For

Dogs are one of the world’s most prominent animals. In fact, there are about 900 million dogs in the world. 

These canines make great pets, but they also make excellent workers due to their obedience and loyalty. Having a dog fulfill a job will ensure 100% effort, getting the job done as efficiently as possible. 

Keep reading to learn about five jobs a working dog can have! 

1. Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosive detection dogs have one of the most critical jobs in the world. These bomb dogs have been trained to alert their handlers to specific smells. They use their keen sense of smell to find chemical vapors commonly found in explosive devices. 

You’ll often see explosive sniffing dogs working in airports, malls, trains, etc. Additionally, the military utilizes these canines to help keep troops safe as they navigate through unknown territories. 

2. Service Dogs

Service dogs are essential workers for those that have disabilities or illnesses. These dogs work daily to assist with everyday activities to make the disabled’s life easier. For example, a guide dog helps visually impaired people by leading the way. 

Other medical-assistance dogs help with seizures, hearing, mobility, etc. These dogs often have vests on to signify they are on duty, meaning you should never disturb them. Keep a safe distance and allow them to do their job for their handler. 

3. Police Dogs

Police dogs are common throughout most cities as there is usually at least one canine on the force. These dogs are specially trained to help officers with multiple procedures. 

A dog is an excellent asset to any police force since they are so versatile. They can help detect drugs, detain criminals, and protect their handlers. Usually, german shepherds and Belgian Malinois breeds are used for their strength, stamina, and intelligence. 

4. Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are specially certified and trained to offer emotional support to those in need. These dogs must be well-mannered, sociable, and calm while working. 

Many therapy dogs spend their time in hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. They help ease any anxiety, stress, or fear patients or students may be feeling. 

5. Search and Rescue Dogs 

Search and rescue dogs have a critical role in finding missing people. They use their hearing, smell, and senses to locate those in urgent need. Since most environments of missing people involve debris, these dogs must also be agile and athletic. 

Often these dogs work in areas with fire debris, avalanches, hurricane aftermath, etc. They are also able to locate cadavers in areas similar to these. 

Jobs of a Working Dog 

Each of these jobs is perfect for the working dog and can be crucial in today’s society. 

Remember, if you ever see a dog working in public, keep your distance and let them complete their tasks. Never approach them to try and pet them without their handler’s consent. 

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