5 Key Tips for Choosing the Best Towing Company

Have you ever had a vehicular accident or breakdown, leaving you on the side of the road, having to guess at which towing company won’t rip you off? Chances are, you don’t use these services enough to know which one offers the best deals. 

We’re going to discuss 5 key tips on choosing the best towing company, ensuring you have the best possible experience during what is typically a stressful time. Keep reading for more information! 

1. Cheap Isn’t Always Best

Most reputable towing companies will quote within a $10-20 range of one another. If you happen to find a company that is asking bottom dollar, you should be asking why. Oppositely, the highest price doesn’t mean the best service.

When a towing company quotes an incredibly low price, say thank you, and let them know you’ll call them back. Call another company, ask for their price, and then let them know what the low-cost company said. Many times, they will offer a more competitive price to gain your business. 

Choosing the cheapest company based on price alone can end up costing you big. Your vehicle may end up with more damage than it initially had and you will likely be stuck paying for it out of your own pocket. 

2. Insurance and Licensing

Pricing isn’t the only thing to consider when choosing a towing company. You will also need to ask whether they are insured and licensed to operate in your city and state. 

If the answer is ‘no,’ or the person speaking seems to dodge the question, call another company. Improper licensing and no insurance means that the company is shady and not operating within the limits of the law. 

No insurance also means that if something happens to your vehicle while it is in their possession, you are stuck paying for the damage. 

3. Other Services

Some towing companies offer services in addition to towing. These services may be just what you need to get your vehicle back on the road and could be cheaper than towing. 

Services that are worth asking about include gas delivery, tire changing, locksmithing, and battery jumping/recharging. 

4. Payment Choices

Before deciding on a tow truck company, ask which types of payment they accept. Many companies may not accept checks, some may give a cash discount, and others may not accept certain credit cards. 

Save yourself (and the tow truck driver) some time and headache by asking the dispatcher what payment options are available.

5. Customer Service

When you call a towing company and the person who answers acts like you are bothering them or are rude to you, hang up. Tow truck dispatchers are often a bit crass, but they shouldn’t be blatantly rude. 

Impolite customer service on the phone will indicate what you can expect from the driver and other employees before, during, and after the tow. 

Finding the Best Towing Company

Locating the best towing company is difficult–especially if you are in dire need of a tow or overly stressed out due to your current circumstances. 

Do yourself a favor and ask for towing referrals and research a few local companies before you need them. This will leave you with a go-to, narrowed-down list of choices in your time of need. 

If you have other tips or criteria that you use when choosing a towing company, leave a reply below! 


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