5 Surprising Ways New Windows Can Actually Help You Save Money

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Everyone thinks housing renovations are too expensive. What if a renovation could actually save you money?

This may sound like the stuff of homeowner dreams. However, new windows can turn this into a reality for homesteaders and home flippers alike.

That’s right. New windows can not only pay for themselves, but they may open a window (so to speak) to long-term savings.

Interested in getting in on the savings action? Keep reading to discover five surprising ways that new windows can save you money!

News Windows: Know Your Options

Soon, we’re going to discuss five of the key ways new windows can actually save you money. First, though, it’s important to understand your options when it comes to replacement windows.

This comes down to getting a traditional window replacement and getting energy-efficient windows. To determine efficiency, we recommend that you check for the ENERGY STAR rating.

So, what’s the difference? In short: cost and savings. Typically, energy-efficient windows will be more expensive than traditional windows. At the same time, they offer better long-term savings than traditional windows do.

If you can afford it, energy-efficient is the way to go. But you actually stand to save from any window replacement.

Buying vs. Renovating

If you’re on a tight budget, then it’s also worth asking yourself if you wish to buy new windows or renovate the windows that you have.

A renovation is a potential option because a large part of your potential new window savings comes from factors like improved insulation (more on this later).

With some time and some elbow grease, you can improve the insulation of all your windows without having to replace them. For tight budgets, this may be the only viable option.

Overall, we recommend window replacement if you can afford it. Keep reading to discover five of the reasons that your new windows might pay for themselves!

1. Insulation Is Key

As we said earlier, improved insulation is the key to saving money with your windows. Buying new windows is one of the easiest ways to improve your insulation!

New windows are going to come with features such as new window seals that are resistant to changes in temperature. That means that you’ll be reaching for the thermostat less often because you’ll be less affected by the weather outside.

The temperature resistance alone is a great way to lower your monthly bills. New windows also look better than many do-it-yourself alternatives such as covering your windows with a dark film.

In this way, you can preserve and even enhance your home’s value, all while saving money each month!

2. Energy Efficiency

As we said earlier, it’s good to buy energy efficient replacement windows when you can. Ones with an ENERGY STAR rating have been specially evaluated by the EPA for how green and energy compliant they are.

Like with the improved insulation, anything that reduces your energy costs is going to save you money on your monthly bills. Energy-efficient windows may save you money in other, more surprising ways.

Your home insurance may offer special discounts to reward you for choosing energy-efficient appliances and windows. In this way, you can further reduce your monthly bills, all while staying nice and comfortable.

3. Importance of Glass

We’ve talked a lot about how replacement windows can save you money. This leads to a natural question: is it the frame or the glass that is saving the most money?

The short answer: it’s the glass. The higher-quality glass you have, the more insulation that the glass is able to provide.

Which glass should you choose for your replacement windows? That depends on your style and your budget. As for us, we’re big fans of double glazed windows.

4. Improved Security

Earlier, we discussed how replacement windows may help you access special deals and discounts on your monthly insurance payments due to energy efficiency. However, improved security may also offer you extra discounts!

As you know, insurers offer discounts to homeowners who go out of their way to protect their home. This includes installing alarm systems, camera systems, and so on.

When you’re shopping for replacement windows, you should keep an eye on windows that sport additional securty features. Such features may include special locks, thermal panes, and shatterproof glass.

Don’t see any specific insurance offers regarding more secure windows? Be sure to talk about it with your insurance office. You may discover special deals that they do not advertise, adding up to major savings for you.

5. Master the Disaster

So far, we have focused on saving money via insurance thanks to your replacement windows being more energy efficient and more secure. However, there is one more area in which these windows can offer you unexpected savings.

Depending on where you live, your home may be subject to natural disasters. To protect yourself and your property, every little renovation can help.

One of the worst kinds of natural disasters is the weather-related disaster. Things like tornados and hurricanes can destroy your windows, leading to extensive water damage inside the house.

However, some of the features we mentioned earlier (such as windows that are shatterproof or thermal paned) can help protect against these elements. Specially designed storm windows can offer further protection.

Obviously, protecting your home from extensive damage is a huge money-saving opportunity in and of itself. Your insurance agency may offer additional discounts for any replacement windows that also serve to weatherproof your home.

New Windows: The Bottom Line

Now you know how new windows can be the secret to saving plenty of money. However, did you know that the savings don’t have to stop there?

Here at Curiosity Human, we are devoted to rewarding your curiosity. From renovating your home to keeping up with the latest entertainment news, we’ve got you covered.

We also understand that replacement windows are only the start. To get further renovation inspiration, come check out our product news today!

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