5 Travel Packing Hacks You Should Know to Make Your Vacation Comfortable

Young woman packing suitcase at home. Travel concept

It’s pretty easy to forget to pack a few things because you’re so excited about a trip.

Getting to your destination to find out you forgot the essentials is not good! This means going without or having to re-buy those things you forgot.

Following a travel packing hack could have solved this issue. Luckily, you’ve discovered this roundup before venturing out.

So, follow along and start using these packing hacks to make your vacation comfy and fun.

1. Roll With It

One of the better ways to pack you may have heard of is rolling items. It may appear messy, but this gets the most items in your luggage because items are now slim.

Take it a step further:

  • Iron items so there are fewer wrinkles so the roll is neat
  • Roll and place items in a vacuum bag to further squish things into space

Most items are fine packed this way, though you may want to forgo this method for expensive wares. 

2. Consider the Destination

It can feel like you need to bring the closet if you don’t know the location. Well, doing this means you’re likely packing too much. Instead, consider where you’re going and the type of climate that’s expected.

  • Pack heavy items for those winter vacations
  • Go light if going to sunny destinations

Find a middle-ground by looking up the location and day-to-day lifestyle. Or, ask a local using social media — they’re bound to offer great packing ideas!

3. Pick up Things When There

Unless you’re going to some remote village, you can pick up basics when there.

  • Do a thrift store or dollar store to keep things cheap
  • Try borrowing if you know someone in the area
  • Order a few things to get delivered around the arrival time

You could save a ton of space by budgeting for an initial shopping trip. This could outweigh the cost of paying for extra baggage!

4. Stick to a List

A list is a handy tool if you’re the type to add more and more to your luggage.

The packing list keeps you focused and on track. The list is also great if you’re the type to get stressed with packing, too, so definitely consider it!

5. Embrace Tech

Switch over to digital versions of the stuff you want to bring:

  • Digital editions of travel books and guides
  • Lightweight laptops and earbuds
  • High-end phones versus bulky DSLR cameras

Travel blogging and staying connected is fun, for sure, but don’t bring the office. Let awesome travel tech and gadgets help you clear up space when packing.

Use a Travel Packing Hack or Two

You don’t need to bring the whole place with you when traveling. But, it’s pretty nice to have the essentials so you’re not going without.

Be sure to follow a travel packing hack or two from this roundup. These tips are bound to make your trip comfy and fun!

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