5 Types of Legal Marijuana Jobs

With more and more states legalizing the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, it’s safe to say that the marijuana industry has never been so respectable. 

As a result, cannabis jobs are no longer limited to shady street deals or secret growing operations. Nowadays, there are plenty of legit marijuana jobs to choose from for those of you interested in cultivating a new career. 

But what are some of the legal weed jobs out there? Let’s take a look!

1. Budtender

Working as a budtender in a marijuana dispensary is a great way to get in on the ground floor of this fast-growing industry. And, since it’s an entry-level position, you don’t have to be a cannabis expert to be in with a shot. You will need strong interpersonal skills though, as well as an interest in helping customers find the best strains of marijuana for their needs. 

2. Marijuana Dispensary Manager

After gaining experience as a budtender or in other retail management roles, you may be able to secure a job as a marijuana dispensary manager. 

As well as supervising a team of budtenders and other staff, you’ll be the face of your dispensary. Key tasks might include helping customers, liaising with vendors, and even interacting with law enforcement and inspectors. It’ll also be your job to ensure that your dispensary is in full compliance with state regulations. 

3. Marijuana Tester

This might sound like one of the best possible cannabis jobs imaginable. But before you get any ideas about being paid to get high, testers are responsible for inspecting the health, safety, and potency standards of marijuana. Also, you’ll likely need a Ph.D. in a related scientific field such as agronomy, chemistry, entomology, or biology to secure a marijuana industry role like this. 

Marijuana testers usually work for cannabis companies or government departments. Sometimes, testers may help inspect and enforce marijuana cultivation laws and regulations, such as those related to the use of pesticides. 

4. Marijuana Edibles Chef

If you’re a talented chef with a passion for creative cooking, this could be your dream job. Understanding the nature and legalities of cannabis can help, but culinary arts training is the main prerequisite for this sought-after marijuana industry position.

In this role, you’ll likely work for a company that produces edible cannabis products such as teas, sodas, chocolates, and candies. As well as being part of the development process, you’ll help oversee the production of various cannabis-infused items for brands, events, and private clients alike. 

5. Extraction Technician 

Marijuana extraction technicians usually work under the supervision of a master extractor. These techs are the ones who operate the sophisticated extraction equipment that produces high-quality oils and concentrates. They’re also responsible for controlling lab inventory and the cleanliness and safety of the working environment. Marijuana industry employers in this field prefer candidates with a strong science background. 

Your Guide to Legal Marijuana Jobs

As this quick guide shows, there are many different kinds of marijuana jobs out there. 

Whether you’re a people person, a creative, or a scientist, you might just find your next big job opportunity in the marijuana industry!

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