6 Virtual Team Building Activities for Your Company

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According to one study, about 1 in 4 people will be working remotely in 2021.

With so many people working remotely, it can be difficult to feel connected with your coworkers even though you’re in touch with them virtually. 

To help combat the loneliness, there are a few virtual team building activities that you can try. Thankfully, we have a full list for you here so keep reading.

1. Escape Room

If you’ve never done one before, an escape room is where people have to work together and solve puzzles to complete a challenge under a timer. This can help your team communicate better, collaborate together and make decisions easily.

An online escape room is one of the best virtual team-building activities during quarantine, and you’ll need about three to six players. You can also split up more coworkers into teams and have the teams compete against each other. 

Normally these escape rooms will last about an hour, and the instructions can be different for each type of escape room company you go with. In general, you may be able to ask for three clues to help you out. 

Puzzles could include word games, math problems, puzzles, or riddles. You will have to all work together and communicate your findings and assumptions in order to break out of the room!

2. Word Association Games

Word association games can also be a fun way to bond, and generally, they are shorter than an hour-long escape room. 

All you need is a chatting platform, but this can be one of the great team building activities for conference calls as well. You’ll need a list of prompts to refer to. 

You’ll need at least three team members, and you can use this to either strengthen their bonds or break the ice. 

To play, you just have to pick a prompt that is relevant to your meeting. Then you’ll ask everyone to either write down or say one word that they associate with that promptly. 

For example, if the prompt was the current project you’re working on, they might say productive or stressful or busy. 

When you feel like you’ve gotten enough answers for your prompt, then you can all talk about what you think about the answers and how to fix any issues.

This can help you realize if there’s a common goal or issue, and it’ll help you tailor your agendas for meetings.

3. Play Pictionary

If drawing is more their thing, you can also play Pictionary! You’ll need between five to ten people, and it could take a half-hour or an hour. 

To do this, you should have an online virtual room where you can both draw and video call. When all of your teammates are creative, it’ll help give them easier ways to communicate and succeed. 

You need a drawing app that everyone can doodle on when you give them the prompt word. THen the rest of the teammates have to figure out what they’re trying to draw!

4. A Book Club

Another one of the virtual team building activities for companies is hosting a book club. You only need about five to ten people to participate, and you can have meetings of an hour. 

This is pretty easy, and all you’ll need is a conference call application and some books. You can choose different books based on what your team’s interests are. 

If your teammates aren’t into books, you can also host a movie, TV show, or podcast club. 

The point of this is to bring everyone together once in a while and get together to talk about something that you’re all interested in. This is very simple, and as long as everyone participates and reads the book, they’ll be able to have a good discussion.

This helps to promote communication in your team, which can help employees trust each other more and get more comfortable with talking to each other. 

5. Scrabble

Scrabble can help people collaborate together, develop better communication, and learn how to think creatively. This can work on Zoom or other virtual rooms, but you’ll need at least twelve people. 

You’ll also need some Scrabble tiles and some pen and paper for each participant. 

This could take up to twenty minutes, but it could also go longer. To start, you should randomly choose two or three letters and assign them to each player. 

You should also put the players on different teams; there should be about six to nine people on each team. 

After they’re in teams, see how many words that they can make in ten minutes. They’ll have to talk with each other and see what letters they have, forcing them to collaborate. 

You can come up with different rules to limit what kind of words they can come up with to make it a little more challenging.  

6. Baby Photo Challenge

Before you play this, you’ll have to have all of your team members email a photo of them when they were a baby. 

Once you have all of the photos, you can share them on the screen so that everyone in the meeting can see them. Next, the players will all have to try and figure out whose baby photo is whose!

Discover More of the Best Virtual Team Building Activities

These are only a few of the best virtual team building activities, but there are many more out there!

We know that working remotely can be stressful and overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out!

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