7 Important Things to Do Before Bed for a Great Night’s Sleep

Young man sleeping in his bedroom. Man sleeping with an alarm clock in foreground. A calm man in his bed before waking up in his room. Close up of alarm clock on bedside table.

Sleep is one of the most important things we can do… so why don’t we do it? We stay up late and sabotage our own sleep cycles. We toss and turn all night or wake up intermittently.

There are ways to get better sleep each night. Here, we’ve compiled seven of our favorite things to do before bed.

1. Read

Reading is often cited as one of the most sleep-inducing activities. Some say it’s because our brainwaves operate at more relaxed rhythms. Others say it’s because we tend to read in the most comfortable positions.

Still, others posit that it’s a conditioned response: we read before we fall asleep at night, so reading starts to make us sleepy. No matter the reason, reading is certainly relaxing.

Reading for at least a half-hour before bed can help you clear your head and sleep more peacefully. Just don’t pick a fast-paced murder mystery as your book of choice!

2. Chamomile, Lavender, and CBD

Certain natural products can help us sleep better, too. Chamomile tea is one of the best beverages to drink before bed. Diffusing lavender essential oils or putting a little bit on your pillow at night can also help.

Using CBD For Sleep has also shown promise. It calms the mind and may help you drift off to sleep in a more relaxed state.

3. Exercise

Exercising in the afternoon can tucker you out and help you sleep more soundly. Just make sure you’re not working out right before bed. Sometimes, that can make you even more alert.

5:00-7:00 pm is an ideal window to get your sweat on.

4. Take a Warm Bath

Throughout the day, our muscles can become stiff and tense. If you’re feeling stressed, you may be holding extra tension in your muscles without realizing it.

Soaking in a warm bath is one of the most relaxing things to do before bed. The warm water will relax your muscles. You’ll step out of the tub feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

5. Freewrite

Freewriting is a helpful tool for dumping all of the anxious thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Are you worried about a big project at work? Does your mind race at night?

If so, spending half an hour freewriting before bed may help. All you have to do is start writing and don’t stop until you’ve filled at least three pages of your notebook. Don’t filter your thoughts; write everything and anything that comes to mind.

Freewriting takes discipline, but the effects can be wonderful.

6. Reduce Screen and Blue Light Time

This is one of the most important items on our list. You’ve got to get into the habit of putting your phone away at least two hours prior to getting ready for bed.

We’ve all heard about the harmful effects of blue light. It mimics daylight and tricks our brains into thinking we should still be alert. However, even with a blue light filter, scrolling from one thing to the next can leave our minds racing at night.

7. Listen to Music

Listening to soothing music while you get ready for bed can help clear your mind. Play some classical or meditative music to help you relax and get ready to sleep.

The Best Things to do Before Bed

These are seven of the best things to do before bed. Looking for more tips? Try taking a melanin supplement and avoid your mid-afternoon nap or cup of coffee.

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