7 Major Signs That You Need a Window Replacement

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Your windows aren’t what they used to be. Sure, they’re still serving their purpose in general. But they seem to be lacking in ways that they didn’t use to. 

As such, you’re on the cusp of a window replacement. But before you pull the trigger, you want to make sure that you’re making the right decision. 

So, you’re wondering: how can you tell if you need the services of a window replacement company? Generally speaking, it’s as simple as looking out for these 7 signs. 

1. Your Windows Are Drafty

One of the surest signs that you need a window replacement is that you feel drafts coming through your windows. In other words, if you feel hot air coming through your windows on a warm day or cold air coming through your windows on a cool day, your windows aren’t doing their job properly. 

The reason this is happening is that your windows’ seals have deteriorated. They’ve taken on tears and gaps through which heat and cold waves can pass. As a result, they’re providing very little insulation. 

It is possible to replace the seals in windows. However, if your windows are over 20 years of age, you would be better off having the whole window replaced. 

Call up your local window repair service. They’ll not only install a new window for you but provide one to you as well. 

2. Your Windows Are Cracked

Another sign that you need window replacement is that your windows are cracked. Whether this is due to an errant baseball, regular weathering, or otherwise, it indicates that your window isn’t able to do its job to the best of its capabilities. Not to mention, a cracked window just looks bad. 

Now, if the crack is on the small side, you might be able to repair it. However, if it’s over an inch in length, you’ll likely need to have the full window replaced. 

We recommend utilizing a window replacement service. For instance, would be a solid option. 

3. You Can Clearly Hear Sounds Through Your Windows

Windows are not only designed to prevent the inward flow of heat and cold but the inward flow of sound waves as well. Unfortunately, just as they eventually allow heat and cold to flow through them, they also allow sound waves to flow through them. 

As such, if you can clearly hear sounds from the outside of your home, even when the windows are closed, your windows are in need of a replacement. A good window will allow some sound through, but that sound should be muffled at best. 

A good test of this is traffic noise. You should hear traffic noise when it’s coming from a vehicle that’s right next to your home. However, if you’re hearing it even when the vehicle is 500 feet down the road, something is awry. 

4. Your Windows Are Sticking 

One of the surest signs that you need the assistance of the best window replacement company in your area is that your windows are sticking. If it’s difficult to either open or close them, replacement is likely needed. 

This problem occurs over time as the windows’ tracks take on wear and tear. The more friction they incur, the rougher they become, and the harder it is for window sashes to slide on them. 

In some cases, the problem can be lessened by lubricating the tracks. However, if the window is over 20 years of age, you should lean toward replacing it. 

5. Your Energy Bills Are Getting Higher

As we’ve noted, windows are designed to keep heat and cold out of their corresponding homes. Unfortunately, when they’re no longer able to do this, they put extra strain on heaters and air conditioners, causing increased energy usage. This, in turn, results in costlier energy bills. 

As such, if your energy bills have been getting higher as of late, you need to take a closer look at your windows. They could be the primary reason. Note, however, that bad siding and bad roofing could be culprits as well. 

Consider having your home inspected by a professional home remodeling company so that you can find the source of the issue. 

6. Your Windows Are Aesthetically Lacking

Your windows don’t need to be suffering from a functional issue in order to command a replacement. In some cases, aesthetics alone are enough to justify a window replacement. 

For instance, if you repaint your home, and your vinyl windows’ color no longer jibes with the rest of your residence, it’s worth making a change. Or, if weathering has caused your windows to take on a worn and faded appearance, you would probably best benefit from making a replacement. 

Your home is a representation of you, after all. You don’t want it to look antiquated, weathered, or mismatched. Make window replacements as needed to maintain your home’s attractive aesthetic. 

7. Your Windows Are Old

Windows have a fairly consistent lifespan. Once they reach a certain age, they’re no longer viable and need to be replaced. 

For vinyl windows, this lifespan is between 35 and 40 years. For wood windows, this lifespan is between 30 and 35 years. For fiberglass windows, the lifespan is between 40 and 45 years. 

If your window has reached one of these points, it’s only going to get worse. A replacement will be needed sooner rather than later. 

Put the Task in the Hands of a Window Replacement Company

If your windows are, in fact, in need of a replacement, you’re advised to put the task in the hands of a window replacement company. These companies have facilitated the task before, and know exactly what it is that they’re doing. They’ll ensure that your window is installed in a proper manner. 

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