7 Off-The-Beaten-Path Florida Getaways for Those That Crave a Unique Experience

When you think of Florida, what comes to mind? Most likely, you imagine America’s most prominent theme parks like Walt Disney World and the world-famous Miami Beach.

Although these are among the top attractions in the state, there are so many more unique Florida vacations to explore. So, if you’re looking for extraordinary adventures on your trip or trips in the scenic state, here are some of the best Florida getaways to try:

1. Marco Island

Marco is the largest island in Florida. It’s one of the best vacations ideas in Florida that you shouldn’t miss to explore. It boasts of the most beautiful sceneries in the region and has a laid-back atmosphere that makes it appealing to international tourists.

The island is situated at the entrance of the Everglades National Park, making it a perfect wildlife exploration area. Visit the park and get a chance to see the famed American crocodile and elusive Florida panther.

2. Griffin Ranch

Are you looking for ideas on Florida getaways that can take you back in time? Well, visit this 30-acre ranch in Fort McCoy and enjoy a wide range of activities. Go horse riding in the woods and get a chance to spot deers, bears, and red trails hawks.

If you need to cool off, kayak or take a swim in the Ocklawaha River and Juniper Springs respectively. Enjoy biking on the ranch’s scenic nature trails or take night-time walks and relish watching the stars.

3. Wakulla Springs

Visit the largest and deepest fresh-water spring on earth and enjoy its breathtaking beauty. There’s plenty of diverse wildlife to explore and activities to do. It has a swimming area with a diving ramp, historic lodge, nature trails, guided riverboat tours, and more.

There is more than enough to explore during your weekend’s trips in Florida on this 6,800-acre park.

4. Key West

Do you desire privacy and crave for seclusion in a private hideaway? Florida has got you covered. Visit the Key West islands on the southernmost part of Florida and find yourself a perfect isle. Key West has many islands with spectacular beaches, and it’s upon you to discover one that meets your preferences.

5. Pensacola

Another one of the many excellent Florida vacation ideas is a visit to Pensacola. This white sand beach provides visitors with ample water activities to tackle. From sailing to surfing, parasailing, and deep-sea-fishing among more, Pensacola is an exceptional getaway for water sports enthusiasts.

It also plays host to the oldest and tallest lighthouse on the Gulf Coast.

6. Cocoa Beach

If you’re a surfing enthusiast, this is the perfect place to visit in Florida. Cocoa Beach is dubbed the “surf city” of Florida because it has excellent conditions for the sport.

7. Cape Canaveral

Are you a fan of rockets, space exploration, and scientific experiments? Even if you’re not, a visit to Cape Canaveral and the J. F. Kennedy Space Center will be an exciting experience. Go around the center’s museum to learn about the history of America’s space program.

If you plan your tour around a space launch date, you’ll be lucky to experience the thrill of a rocket firing up and tearing into the clouds.

Fantastic Florida Getaways

Make sure you tour the above Florida getaways on your next weekend or vacation trip to the state. There’s so much to explore in the region other than theme parks!

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