8 Uses For Hemp (That You Might Not Know About!)

Hemp pop quiz!

Question 1; Can hemp get you high?

Question 2; Is rope the only thing you can make from hemp plants?

If you guessed, “no”, for both questions, you know more than most people already. Sadly, there are a lot of myths out there surrounding the benefits of hemp. These misbeliefs often cause individuals to underestimate the potential of hemp plants, and all the wonderful things they’re capable of doing.

The truth is that hemp plants won’t get you high, they can’t cause you to fail a drug test, and rope is only one of many materials you can make from hemp plants. Today, researchers are discovering more and more ways to build with hemp, while also unveiling the plant’s ability to improve your overall health and enrich the environment around you.

Are you ready to learn the fun truth about hemp plants? Read on to learn about 8 uses for hemp that will blow your mind.

1. Looking Inside Hemp Plants

Before we start listing the amazing benefits of hemp, let’s first give you a clear definition of what hemp is. Hemp plants are a strain of the Cannabis plant species, marijuana.

While cannabis and industrial hemp come from the same Cannabis sativa species, they are dramatically different from each other. Harvesters have a special way of growing and curling hemp plants. Once harvested, you can eat the seeds of hemp plants, or you can use the leaves to make tea.

Cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderalis, and Cannabis indica make up each of the plant strains. When the THC count is low in one of these 3 plant species, it’s considered to be a hemp plant, rather than marijuana. 

2. Enriching Benefits of Hemp

Hemp plants have incredibly deep roots, that are strong and resilient. The roots are capable of growing in a variety of soil types and terrains.

Since the roots can grow almost anywhere, hemp plants can help hold large areas of soil together. When the soil’s held in place it’s able to produce more microbial content, to stay well-nourished.

When hemp plants are finally harvested, both the leaves and stems are jam-packed with nutrients. It’s not uncommon for farmers to put unused portions of the hemp plant back into the soil. The stem, leaves, and roots, can help refresh the soil, even more, to make the next crop of hemp plants even better.

3. Power to Absorb Toxic Metals

A team of German scientists wanted to know just how helpful hemp plants could be for the environment. To test the plant they put hemp plants in a polluted lot of land that had raw sewage, and other toxic materials.

During their study, they found that hemp was capable of removing a variety of toxic metals, like cadmium and nickel. The hemp plants were also capable of removing phytoremediation from the soil, more efficiently than any other plant.

4. Fiber and Fatty Acids

As if making our environment better wasn’t enough, hemp plants can also improve our overall health. Remember how we said hemp plants carry a lot of nutrients? Well, those nutrients can help you when you know what plants to get them from.

The leaves and seeds of hemp plants are full of nutrients and contain omega-3 fatty acids that help your heart, blood flow, and digestion. Other benefits of omega fatty acids are anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to providing your body with fatty acids, hemp seeds, and hemp hearts, also contain a lot of fiber. The fiber in hemp seeds is primarily in the husk protecting the outside of the seed. Hemp hearts that don’t have the shell on them will have less fiber, but there’s still enough to make a noticeable difference in your body.

5. Protein for Vegetarians and Vegans

While eating a plant-based diet comes with many benefits, it also comes with a handful of challenges. One of the biggest challenges vegetarians finds themselves having to deal with is how to get enough protein, in their daily diet. Luckily, vegetarians can use hemp protein, to help supplement the protein’s they’re not getting from meat.

Manufacturers grind up hemp seeds into a fine powder. The powder is full of high-quality proteins, amino acids, and omega-3 fatty acids. Both vegans and vegetarians can enjoy adding hemp protein to their meals or making hemp protein shakes.

6. Pets Play With Hemp Toys

If you’re the owner of a furry friend, then you might find yourself using hemp to play with them. Some companies are taking advantage of hemp durable properties to create toys for a variety of pets.

Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, lizards, and other house pets, are enjoying toys made from sustainable hemp materials. The toys are made to last and can withstand even some of the roughest play sessions. Now, instead of having to buy a new toy, every other week, for your ambitious chewer, just get one hemp made toy that’ll last.

7. Take Flight With Hemp

A plane manufacturer in Florida is using industrial hemp to create 75% of a small airplane. The plane will be able to seat up to 4 people and the wingspan will be 36 feet.

The plane also will be using a special type of hemp biofuel to power the engine. Once the plane’s fully built, it’s scheduled to take flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the sight of the world’s first successful aircraft launch.

8. Long-Lasting Paper

If you want a paper that can stand the test of time, make sure it’s made from hemp. Since hemp plants are fibrous, they don’t degrade over time.

Your hemp made paper won’t fade, or weaken, even as the decades pass. Another benefit of hemp made paper is that it’s better for the environment. Rather than using a tree for your writing needs, let hemp plants do all the heavy lifting.

Stay Curious

Life is a lot more entertaining when you’re curious about exploring the world around you. We hope our article about the benefits of hemp, will help you look at these sturdy plants in a whole new light.

Whether you’re thinking about using hemp as a way to improve your health or just love learning new things, we’re glad we could help you entertain your mind. Go ahead and read another one of our curious topics today.

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