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9 Creative Ways to Converting New Customers into Recurring Customers

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There’s a common mistake that all failed businesses make. 

People spend so much time and effort trying to get people in the door. After one transaction with a customer, they are on to the next one. They don’t incentivize that person to do business with them again.

This is a huge misstep. Repeat customers are extremely valuable to any business. 

Finding new customers should always be on your mind. But, you can’t neglect the ones already giving you their business. 

Loyal customers are the key to success for any long-standing business. Repeat business makes it so you have guaranteed sales coming your way.

New customers are great for your business, recurring customers are even better. Here’s how to convert new customers into recurring customers and boost sales.

1. Don’t Over Sell Yourself

In sales, there’s nothing worse than coming across desperate. The foul stench of desperation scares off many potential return customers.

Desperation is fueled by a lack of confidence. But you’ve already sold something to a customer. You should be brimming with confidence!

Don’t ruin this victory by continuing to push them with the hard sell to buy more. This way, customers will trust you more. You’re only selling them what they need instead of trying to milk them for all they’re worth.

2. Create a Community Around Your Business

Customers are bound to be more loyal to your business if they feel a part of it. You can create a community of consumers that are rooting for you like their favorite sports team. Those customers will buy more products simply to help you succeed.

Starting with an e-mail list you can collect a pool of interested consumers. Bi-weekly or monthly emails can inform them about upcoming deals and discounts. These deals will only be available for those on the list. This will give them a gratifying sense of superiority.

You can also plan friends and families night to invite those within the community to receive even better deals. With a strong squad backing your business, you’re bound for glory.

3. Send Reminders 

Sometimes the only thing keeping a customer from giving you their business again is their memory. If your service or product is something annual, it’s a good idea to set up a reminder system. 

For example, maybe you own a salon. When someone comes in to get their first haircut, you can collect their email address. 

Have a template email message ready to go reminding them that it’s time for another cut. Plug in their address and schedule the email to send 8 weeks from the day they came in. 

4. Write A Note

Writing a personal note to customers is always appreciated. You might send one just to thank them for their business. Maybe they’re getting married and you want to extend some well wishes. 

Of course, a quick email will get your point across. But, everyone loves getting mail. A handwritten note makes even more of an impact. 

Sending a note shows your appreciation for your customers. For more reasons why writing a note is a great idea, check out AnswerFirst.

5. Give Your Oldest Customers the Most Respect

Companies spend a lot of money trying to get new business. They should be putting that money towards the customers they already have. It has been proven that you will get higher profits the longer you retain a customer. 

Offer better deals and services for the longer a customer has been with you. Maybe a certain percentage discount for every year you’ve retained their business.

This will ensure you keep those customers in your pocket. It will also incentivize the new customers to stay with you longer to reach that coveted loyalty status.

6. Learn You Customer’s Birthdays

Nothing makes a person feel more special than when you remember their birthday. Collect customers’ birthdays and send them a message or card on the day of their birth.

You can even offer them a special birthday gift or discount. This is an inexpensive gesture that will fully ingratiate you with your consumers.

Holidays can also be great times to send follow up perks or messages. These days can serve as an organic reason to remind people that your business exists.

7. Make Things Easier

One of the best ways to retain business is to make it more user-friendly. People don’t trust companies that make them jump through a bunch of hoops. 

This should also pertain to a loss of the customer’s business. It’s disappointing when a consumer wants to return an item. Don’t take that disappointment out on your customers.

An easy, hassle-free return policy will help embolden your consumers to trust you. The more a customer trusts you, the more likely they are to buy from you again. 

8. Treat Your Customers Like Human Beings

This tip may seem like the most obvious on the list. But you should remind yourself every day. 

Trying to succeed in business might have you looking at people as figures and statistics. Consumers feel that lack of empathy.

Don’t give your potential consumers the feeling you are some anonymous automated service. Show them you’re a human by treating them like one. 

9. Incentivize Return Business

For some people, a business showing them personalized attention is all they need to become repeat customers. For others, you might still have to sweeten the deal. 

That’s why you should give people incentives for return business.

You can offer a percentage discount off when a customer comes back a second time. Perhaps the longer they stay loyal the incentives or discounts increase. There are all sorts of ways you can incentivize repeat customers depending on the type of business you own!

Recurring Customers Are The Best Kind of Customers

By following these tips, you’ll be showing your clients that you appreciate them. When people like you and your business practices, they will want to become recurring customers. 

What’s just as important as showing your customers you care? Showing your employees. To learn some tips on how to do that better, check out this article!

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