9 of the Most Common Pests Found in Homes

Pests in your home are a problem. And not just because they are gross and make you uncomfortable. Bugs actually carry many diseases and can cause damage to your home if an infestation gets out of hand.

There are several common pests found in homes. Keep reading for our list of the most common household pests and what to do when you find them.

1. Ants

Ants will come marching in your home looking for food. And although seemingly harmless, some ants can actually cause damage to the wood in your home.

You can try to prevent ants from claiming their residency by wiping down surfaces and ensuring there aren’t food crumbs lying around.

2. Cockroaches

Let’s face it, cockroaches are a disgusting disturbance. Not only do cockroaches carry diseases, but they will also damage things like fabric or paper and can even cause allergies in humans.

There are a variety of different cockroaches, but they tend to multiply fast which can lead to a big problem. If you find a few of these pests in your home it’s likely time to call a building and pest inspection company.

3. Fleas

If you have pets, then you’re at a higher risk of having an unpleasant encounter with fleas.

These tiny pests live off of blood, meaning they love to bite you and your pet. Fleas also carry diseases, making them a dangerous pest to have around.

4. Centipedes

Centipedes are some of the most frightening looking pests out there. They typically have around 15 legs making them fast and hard to catch. 

These household pests will travel into your home through any open cracks or crevices. They also love moisture, so they will live near any area where there is a leak.

5. Silverfish

These tiny and slippery looking pests don’t seem like a problem at first glance. But silverfish can actually cause a lot of damage. They will munch on virtually anything in your home from books, glue, insulation, boxes, and even your wallpaper. 

6. Spiders

Although spiders are insect eaters themselves, you still likely don’t enjoy them being in your home. In fact, a percentage of people actually suffer from arachnophobia which is an extreme fear of spiders. 

7. Beetles

Beetles are the most common insect variety in the world. This means that have some in your home is almost unavoidable.

You will often find beetles hanging out in your kitchen cabinets and eating your dried goods. 

8. Moths

Moths are another pest that doesn’t necessarily seem threatening. But don’t underestimate these flying bugs.

Moths can actually cause a lot of damage by eating through your clothing or your carpet. 

9. Termites

Termites are one of the biggest hidden dangers to homeowners. They love to eat wood and can cause severe structural damage to your home if left unattended.

Keep an eye out for signs of termites, because with this pest the sooner you catch them the better.

Be Aware of These Common Pests

By keeping an eye out for these common pests you can help to prevent any serious damage to your home. If you begin to notice these pests, be sure to contact a professional to come take care of the problem.

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