A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Vaping Flavors for You

Are you one of the 3.7% of Americans that love to vape? Yep — that’s right! That huge figure accounts for over 9 million American adults living across the country.

It’s safe to say that vaping is one popular trend that shows no signs of slowing. Whether you vape to kick the habit of smoking, or you prefer the flavors in comparison to cigarettes, it’s a practice that’s proven healthier than traditional smoking.

If you’re looking to expand your selection of flavors, we’re here to help. From the sweet and fruity to the downright weird, here are the best vaping flavors on the market.

Your Guide to the Best Vaping Flavors

Ready to find your perfect vape flavor? Here’s our guide to help you choose.

For the Sweet Tooth

If you’re a fan of sweet and sugary tastes, you’re in luck. The vape juice world has you covered!

Whatever sweet taste you’re craving, there’s sure to be a vape juice flavor to delight you.

When vaping for flavor, many people with a sweet tooth opt for vape juices including the likes of cookie dough, loaded glazed donut, and the Holy Cannoli French toast. Sounds scrummy, right?

There are even sweet breakfast flavors, too. Try milk with cookies, donuts, or loops to have brekkie covered.

More of a traditional dessert lover? Then you’ll love apple bread pudding.

The only issue? You might find your stomach rumbling after vaping on these delicious juices!

For the Adventurer

On the topic of breakfast, how would you feel vaping bacon-flavored juice? Or how about Red Bull for a top vape flavor?

If you like experimenting with new and exotic tastes, plenty is waiting for you in the world of vape juice. If you’ve thought of a flavor, the likelihood is that it’s out there somewhere.

Some other unique flavors we love? Egg custard, pancakes, coconut cake, and rocket pop, to name just a few! The latter is very reminiscent of 4th of July holidays as a kid.

Can’t find your favorite food in the world of vape juice? Don’t worry — there are ways around this.

If you’re feeling creative, you can make DIY vape juice to achieve the flavor you desire. Read more here to learn how.

For the Fruit Lover

Fan of fruit? Unsurprisingly, fruity vape juice flavors are extremely popular on the market, meaning there’s a big variety of them! After all, everyone has a favorite fruit, right?

Whatever fruit you can think of, there will be a vape juice to match it. Strawberry, melon, pineapple, berry, guava, or even dragonfruit — you name it, it’s there!

The best part of opting for a refreshing fruit vape juice flavor is that they’re enjoyable for long periods, and they usually taste yummy no matter what your mood is.

While you may love vaping on your bacon-flavored vape juice for a while, as you can imagine, you can easily get sick of the taste when vaping it every day. With fruit flavors, you can expect to enjoy them a lot more than the more adventurous formulas.

For the Weirdo

They say there’s a vape juice to accommodate anyone’s taste — even the bizarre! If you’re looking to taste vape juice that’s weird and wonderful, have a look for some adventurous flavors that have turned it up a notch or two.

From the fishy crab legs flavor to beer or hot dog flavor, there are plenty of strange tastes that some of you might enjoy. If you’re feeling daring, give them a go!

Other Factors to Influence Flavor

When choosing a vape juice, there are other factors to consider that will influence the flavor.

The Level of Nicotine

One important factor to consider that will affect the flavor of your juice is the level of nicotine. First, you need to be aware that the level of nicotine in vape juice is different from the level of nicotine found in cigarettes.

Knowing the number of cigarettes that you usually consume in one day can make it easier for you to choose the right amount of nicotine that you’re used to tasting. For example, if you don’t usually smoke more than half a pack of cigarette, then a nicotine level of around 6mg will work well for your taste buds.

PG or VG

Once you’ve chosen a nicotine level that suits you, you should next decide whether you’d like to use propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG).

PG is known to produce less vapor as it focuses more on flavor. VG, on the other hand, concentrates more of the vapor so, in comparison, the flavor isn’t as strong.

When it comes to choosing between VG or PG, it depends on your tastes and how strong you prefer the flavor of your juice to be. If you love practicing with a large vapor, then go for VG. If the taste is more important to you, opt for PG.

Sample First

Remember, whichever of these best vaping flavors you opt for, it makes sense to sample it before making a purchase. After all, the Red Bull flavor may seem like a good idea at the time, but if you try it back at home first, you may end up disappointed with your purchase.

Whatever food you salivate at, you’re bound to find a flavor that suits you among the plethora in the world of vaping. Now, happy vaping and enjoy your juice!

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