A Pleasurable Checklist for the Adult Male Solo Traveler

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Want to know what to bring with you as a solo traveler?

Solo traveling is becoming more popular than ever, especially among the younger generation. Around 56% of millennials fly solo, and one in eight people between 18 to 24 years old has already traveled alone.

Even with the pandemic, travelers are unfazed, hoping to go on a holiday again by themselves as soon as possible. If you’re one of them, then make sure to get the most out of your next trip. Have the most pleasurable experience on your travels by following this guide for a male solo traveler.

Smaller Versions of Your Favorites

Check out if your favorites have smaller versions. Traveling should be fun and pleasurable, but a heavy and bulky suitcase won’t be helping you with that. If you only have a carry-on, space becomes a more pressing issue.

For example, the magic wand has a much smaller version that can fit in any suitcase. You can also swap your fleshlight for a sleeve, which does away with the plastic shell. If you haven’t tried it yet, rest assured that it offers the same sensation.

Smaller toys are less obvious to the TSA agent, too, in the event of a bag search. There’s nothing wrong with carrying a full-sized fleshlight or a dildo, but many people are not confident enough to have it displayed in front of other people when an agent takes it out of the bag.

Compact Toys

Consider bringing more compact toys, as well. Leave behind your favorites for a while and check which sex items are easier to bring. Here are some examples you can put on your travel checklist:

Wearable Vibrator

Want a sex toy and a cool accessory in one? Check out the necklace vibrator. It’s so discreet that no one will even notice its true purpose, even when it’s hanging on your neck.

You can wear it even when you’re donning business attire. It’s that discreet.

Don’t mistake its capabilities, though. It’s quite strong for its size, so you know you’ll still have a pleasurable journey.

Tenga Egg

Tenga egg is also pretty subtle since it doesn’t scream “sex toy” when you see it. It’s shaped and sized like a regular egg, so it’s easy to pop into any bag.

Depending on which product you get, you can play with different textures for a more pleasurable experience. The material is quite nice, but make sure you buy a quality one if you want the closest feel to human skin.

Cock Rings and Butt Plugs

If you want to intensify your pleasurable experience as a solo traveler, you must bring a cock ring and/or a butt plug. They’re both small enough to bring to your travels with no issue.

Both items have a wide variety of options, as well. You can have a vibrating version for either item, and you can have them in different shapes and sizes.  

Lube and Cleaner

For maximum pleasure, lube is an essential item. However, you have some things to consider when you’re taking a plane to your destination.

First of all, lube is a liquid, and you can’t bring a whole tube in your carry-on luggage. The TSA restricts liquids, gels, creams, aerosols, and pastes to 3.4-ounce travel containers. All your liquids should be inside a quart-sized bag.

If you want to bring a larger container, you have to place it in a check-in suitcase. Otherwise, you’ll have to leave it behind.

The same goes for your cleaner. You can buy cleaners in travel-sized containers, although it’s much better to have more than to run out. Remember to clean your toys before you pack them and before you use them on your travels.

Batteries, Cords, and Adaptors

Don’t forget to bring batteries, cords, and adaptors with you. You don’t want to be in a position wherein you can’t use your gadget, and you can’t buy a battery anywhere.

Note, however, that some airlines have restrictions on batteries. Toys usually have AAA or AA batteries, which are a part of the restriction. If you’re bringing batteries with you, put them in your carry-on to avoid problems.

Make sure to take them out of your toys, too. Although the chances are low, there’s still the possibility of a device going off while in the bag.

It’s also your safest bet as leaving them in can corrode the terminals. It can also cause a leak, so even when you’re not flying, keep your batteries and devices safe by taking them out when not in use.

If your device is rechargeable, don’t forget to bring the cords. It’s less likely to find a compatible cord on your travels unless it uses USB. It’s also smart to bring a universal power adaptor when you’re going to a different country.

Bag For Your Toys

Whether you’re bringing one or more, it’s best to have a separate bag for your toys. It’s more hygienic this way. They won’t collect all the dust and crumbs in your luggage, and they won’t get nestled against your shoes (which you should also cover-up).  

You should also consider putting them in a see-through container. In the event that a TSA agent checks your bag, they will easily see the items, and they won’t have to touch them.

Nervous about having a pleasure item in your carry-on bag? You might want to put them in your check-in luggage instead. Still, put them in a separate bag when doing so.

If you’re traveling with an assortment of toys, it’s a good idea to keep each of them wrapped up. You shouldn’t put it together with silicone, as well as porous jelly toys. They might warp when you store them against each other.

Always Be Prepared as a Solo Traveler

Traveling brings new experiences and excitement to our lives. Make sure it brings you pleasure, too, by using this checklist as a guide.

Whether you’re a solo traveler or not, you can always find pleasure wherever you go if you remember to bring it with you. Do you need more tips? Check out the rest of our guides today!

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