A Quick Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Did you know that the average bathroom renovation can give you a 70% return on investment? Around 26% of home sellers renovate bathrooms before selling the house. 

Renovating your bathroom is wise if you want to sell your house, increase your property value, and create a more comfortable living space.

While there are many benefits to renovating your bathroom, the process can be expensive and stressful if you aren’t organized. 

Are you looking for the ultimate bathroom remodel checklist? If so, keep reading to learn everything you need to know before starting your bathroom remodel project. 

Determine Your Budget

Before you can start renovating your bathroom, you need to set a budget. Your budget will determine what type of finishes you choose, how many upgrades you make, and whether you do the work yourself or hire a contractor. 

When creating your budget, consider the cost of materials, labor, permits, and demolition. Creating your budget before you start will give you clear expectations for the project. 

Brainstorm Ideas

Once you know your budget, you can start brainstorming ideas. Do you want to upgrade the lighting, fixtures, and decorations? Or do you want to complete bigger projects, like installing a new bathtub or shower?

To find ideas for your renovation project, look at pictures online and browse social media. You also can visit your local home improvement store. Make sure you take photos and notes on the design details you like. 

Hire Contractors

While you can renovate your bathroom without help, hiring contractors will save you time and ensure a high-quality renovation. You can hire contractors to help you with painting, installing new fixtures, and custom cabinet design

When looking for contractors, compare quotes, ask about insurance, and read online reviews. Your contractor should be patient and willing to answer your questions. 

Upgrade Old Plumbing

If the plumbing in your bathroom is old, you should consider upgrading it during your bathroom renovation. Some common signs of old plumbing include slow draining, leaks, and low water pressure. 

Upgrading your plumbing will make your water safer and prevent expensive repairs. When choosing a plumber, consider experience, insurance, and license requirements in your state. 

Consider Going Green

Starting a bathroom remodeling project is the perfect time to consider going green. Making environmentally-friendly updates in your house can lower your carbon footprint. 

It also can decrease your electric bill and increase house value. Some of the best environmentally-friendly upgrades for your bathroom include toilets that use less water, energy-efficient water heaters, and LED lighting.

You can choose finishes, such as paint, flooring, and countertops, that use sustainable materials. 

Are You Ready to Use This Bathroom Remodel Checklist?

Renovating your bathroom will make it easier to relax, sell your house, and increase your home value. If you are ready to upgrade your bathroom, keep this bathroom remodel checklist in mind. 

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