A Safe Employee Is a Happy Employee: Tips for a Safe Work Environment

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the total number of recorded workplace injuries was 2,654,700 in 2020.

These injuries typically translate to financial liabilities for employers. Proper employee safety measures are essential in avoiding these liabilities. 

In this article, we provide our best workplace safety tips so that you can ensure you have a safe employee environment. Continue reading to get a head start on forming your workplace safety plan.

Appoint an Employee Safety Team

One of your first measures when improving workplace safety is to appoint an employee safety team. This might fall to your Human Resources department or you can ask for a team of volunteers to meet regularly.

This team is responsible for overseeing workplace safety. They should develop an understanding of what a safe work environment is and any important workplace safety tips. 

Develop Workplace Safety Plans

Your safety team should be responsible for developing workplace safety plans. This includes building maps showing emergency exits and what to do in the event of certain emergency situations.

Part of developing these safety plans is working with the necessary authorities to stay current on workplace safety requirements. One of the best and most common examples is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Organize Safety Training and Inspections

Once you have quality employee safety plans, you need to teach them to your staff. This should be a routine part of new employee onboarding and annual employee training sessions. 

Have your safety team maintain a safe work environment by performing regular inspections. This makes sure employees are abiding by the safety rules and that all equipment is functioning as it should.

Safety Rules and Expectations

After your employees are trained on safe employee protocols, it’s important to set expectations since it’s not always enough to teach safety protocols. You should make it clear to your staff that safety protocols must be followed as part of their responsibilities.

If you don’t set these expectations early, then you will likely fail to maintain a safe work environment. Regular reminders help keep staff compliant and safe.

Invest in Safety Equipment

Investing in quality safety equipment is an important part of keeping employees safe. It’s easy to find safety gear and first aid supplies online that you can put on the work floor right away. 

Once you have the equipment, be sure your staff knows where the equipment is located, how to use it, and when to use it. For example, in many construction jobs, you must wear safety goggles at all times. 

Report Workplace Safety Issues

Teach your employees to report any unsafe working conditions to your employee safety team. If it’s an immediate threat to safety, then the problem should be reported to a supervisor right away. 

Failing to report broken gear or failing safety equipment can result in employee injury. The sooner it gets reported, the sooner it can be repaired.

Start Your Safe Employee Plan Today

Start developing your safe employee plan today by recruiting a quality workplace safety team. They can help with ensuring your business remains compliant with the necessary safety authorities and with keeping employees safe.

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