A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

Americans have been changing their minds about marijuana. In 1969, only 12% supported legalizing cannabis use.

Pennsylvania marijuana laws are one of the states with medical policies. The state took more than a decade to legalize medical marijuana. Once it did, though, it was generous.

Regular marijuana use is still illegal in the state, but Pennsylvania allows different ways how to get a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card.

Here’s a guide on how to get one. Keep reading!

Register With the Pennsylvania Department of Health

You must first register with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to get a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card. The registration process is simple, and you can do it online.

Once registered, you must provide your medical records and a photo ID. Once your registration is complete, you can log in and select a medical marijuana dispensary.

Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card

To get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, you must first apply. The application must include a statement from your doctor detailing your medical condition and why you think medical marijuana in Pennsylvania would be beneficial.

You will also need proof of Pennsylvania residency and a government-issued ID.

Have a Professional Medical Marijuana Evaluation

A professional medical marijuana evaluation requires getting a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card. The next step is to schedule an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor.

During the meeting, the doctor will review the patient’s medical history and recommend medical marijuana treatment.

Pay the Application Fee

To get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, applicants must first pay the application fee. The Pennsylvania medical marijuana card cost is $50.

It can be paid online or by check. This med card cost will show on the website as your reference, and you must pay before applying.

After the payment, applicants must complete the online application, which includes providing personal and medical information.

Submit Your Fingerprints for a Background Check

To get a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card, you must first submit your fingerprints for a background check. Once cleared, you must visit a medical marijuana dispensary and fill out an application.

Be sure to bring along your driver’s license or state ID and a recent photograph.

Receive Your Card in the Mail

Once your application is approved, you will receive your card. Please keep your card safe; you will need it each time you buy medical marijuana from a dispensary.

Use Your Card at a State-Licensed Dispensary

To use your Pennsylvania medical marijuana card at a state-licensed dispensary, you must present your card and a valid form of identification.

Once verified, you can browse the dispensary’s selection of medical marijuana products. When you have found the product you would like to buy, the dispensary staff will assist you in completing the transaction.

Process Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card Now

If you’re a Pennsylvania resident suffering from a qualifying medical condition, you can apply for a medical marijuana card. The process can seem daunting, but this guide will walk you through each step.

After completing the application and paying the fee, you’ll need to schedule an evaluation with a certified physician. Once you receive your card, you can buy medical marijuana from a state-licensed dispensary.

Don’t suffer in silence – get the Pennsylvania medical marijuana card today.

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