An Unparalleled List of the Best Beaches in Hawaii

There are a million reasons to go to Hawaii. Amongst the delicious food and rich culture, nothing stands out more than the beaches, however. There are 135 beaches in Hawaii. Each one offering plush sand and clear waters as far as the eye can see.

The sunsets look like something that you’ve only seen in postcards. Other than viewing the sunsets, you’ll also get to watch surfers try their hand at the waves and maybe even dip your toes into green sand.

With all the things you can see, it can be hard to determine the best beaches in Hawaii. We can help you with that. Check out this helpful guide to learn more.  

1. Waikiki Beach

Waikiki is world-famous to tourists and it would be a shame for you to leave Hawaii without learning why. There’s something in Waikiki for everyone in your group from shops with shell jewelry to diving Oahu.

At night, you can see street performers and musicians play. Every Friday night there’s a firework display over on the west side of Waikiki. If you need some time to recharge your social battery, you can visit Kapiolani Park found on the east side. 

When you get hungry they’re plenty of four-star restaurants and food trucks around. Waikiki is also known for its amazing resorts that you can stay at when it’s time to lay down for the night.

The only thing to keep in mind is that due to the crowds in Waikiki it can be dangerous to leave your stuff unattended. It may be best for you to put your valuables in the safe in your hotel when you’re out and about. Stay with a group when it gets dark. 

2. Papakolea Beach (Green Sand Beach)

When you pick up the sand at Papakolea beach it seems like it’s dark brown until you take a closer look. Yes, the sand is actually green. It gets this marvelous color from the olivine crystals in the eroded volcano cinder rocks. 

Watch your step when you’re going down to the beach. You have to climb down the side of the cinder cone. It’s a little steep.

They’re more than a couple of things to be wary of when coming here. The waves are pretty strong and there are no lifeguards about. If you’re not a strong swimmer, you shouldn’t attempt to tackle it.

You’ll end up hiking for an hour to get to the beach. Bring a hat to protect you from the sun, water to keep you hydrated, and a quality pair of shoes that can handle the walk. 

Lastly, it’s understandable that you’d want to show a friend the sand but stick with snapping a picture. It’s illegal to take a sample back to the hotel room with you. 

3. Ko Olina Lagoon 

Since the Ko Olina lagoon is manmade you won’t find any coral there but what you will find is fun for all ages. The calm waters are much more lake-like than beach-like. It’s perfect for your little ones to splash around in. 

Since the waters are so calm everyone can do some snorkeling. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. They’re a few great resorts here for you to stay at as well. One of them being a Disney resort that your children will love. 

Parking near the lagoons is a nightmare. You’ll need to arrive early if you want to beat the crowd and find a spot.

If you can’t find a spot there are other beaches west of Ko Olina Lagoon. It’s a bit more of a struggle to get to those, however. 

4. Kaihalulu Bay (Red Sand Beach) 

If you’re looking for another unique beach destination then look no further than Kaihalulu. Years surrounded by red cinder cliffs have given the sand a red color. Hence the name red sand beach. 

Like Papakolea, there are no lifeguards around so keep that in mind before you decide to dive into the water. Kaihalulu is pretty isolated so many leave their clothes on the beach before they get into the water. 

As a word of caution, you’ll have to take a hike in order to get to the bay. The trail can be a little unsteady so bring shoes with some traction. 

If the trail is washed out at all, don’t take your chances. You could be seriously injured if you fall.  

5. Kahaluu Beach Park 

Kahalulu is the place to go if your intention is to go to the beach for snorkeling. You’ll be able to see all sorts of colorful species of fish. There are lifeguards out and about even though the water is quite shallow. 

Other than the fish, there’s other interesting wildlife that lives near the area. You can’t bother the sea turtles though. It’s against the law to do more than take pictures.

This is a good spot if you want to try your hand at surfing as well. Kahaluu Park is a great place to bring your children due to the shallow waters but you’ll need to keep an eye on them. The lava rocks found here are sharp enough to really hurt them.  

Visit One of the Best Beaches in Hawaii 

From the delicious food to the rich culture, there are a lot of reasons to go to Hawaii on vacation. One of the largest reasons tourists flock to this destination is to visit one of the 135 gorgeous beaches. Try out one of the best beaches in Hawaii on this list for an unbelievable vacation experience. 

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