Australian Adventure: 5 Unforgettable Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

Sydney seems to be on the top of the list of must-see Australian cities. With its access to the Pacific Ocean for the surfers and tons of cultural activities for the art lovers, it is easy to see why.

Here is a list of the top five things to do in Sydney if you find yourself down under.

Let’s Go to the Opera

This one seems to be a given. Easily one of the most famous buildings in the world, the Sydney Opera House has a little something for everyone. It also seems to be the first place you will probably think of as you plan your trip.

Between stunning views of the harbor, visually stunning architecture, and, of course, tons and tons of events, there is no shortage of reasons to hit up this one of a kind building.  Plus, with some world-class dining available, you can easily spend a whole day here.

Surfs Up

Australia is famous for its surfing culture. Boasting some of the best waves in the world, as well as water temperatures in the low 70s, if you have dreamt of learning to surf, this may be the place to do it.

While there are plenty of beaches in and around Sydney, Bondi Beach may be its most well-known. It also happens to be easily accessible from the city center, even if you don’t have a car. Just remember to take plenty of sunscreen with you.

Embrace Your Inner Hortoculturalist

Located right behind the opera house, The Royal Botanic Garden can be a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a variety of smaller gardens, you can either explore yourself or take a guided tour to learn about all the different flora.

For those of you who are interested in the rich history and culture of the aboriginal people of Australia, there is an Aboriginal Experiences tour. In it, you will learn will discover the rich history of Australia’s native people, while getting the chance to taste bush food. It is not to be missed. 

Australia’s Alcatraz

Situated in the middle of Sydney harbor is Cockatoo Island, a former workhouse for convicts. Off-limits to the general public for 100 years, it is now a UNESCO heritage site.

With plenty of tours to choose from, including a haunted history tour as well as one focusing on the day in the life of the convicts, there is something for every taste. And, if you are feeling brave, you can even spend the night on site.

Shop Til You Drop

Sydney is can be a shoppers dream. There are plenty of great shopping districts and centers. However, none may be as prestigious and well known as The Queen Victoria Building.

Built in the late 19th century this romanesque-revival monument is bound to be a hit even with non-shoppers. However, if you do go strictly to shop, you will be blown away by over 180 stores and boutiques.

More Info On Things to Do in Sydney

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