Award Certificate Ideas: Articulating Words of Recognition

Everyone enjoys feeling appreciated.

Indeed, in a working environment, 58% of employees state that recognition would help them engage more. According to the same source, 69% would work harder, too.

Clearly, it’s in everyone’s interest to recognize peoples’ achievements. Award certificates are a great and simple way of doing exactly that.

Want to make some high-quality certificates specific to your needs?

Read on for 5 award certificate tips to create the ideal recognition of achievement.

1. Include All Necessary Information

Strictly speaking, there’s no set rule for what to include on a certificate.

That said, it pays to get the key information in there. When you’re designing yours, be sure to incorporate the title (e.g. “Certificate of Devoted Service”), a presentation line (e.g. “is hereby presented to”), the recipient’s name, and who it’s from.

Likewise, the date of the award and an official signature are worthwhile inclusions. Oh, and it’s also nice to incorporate the company logo too.

2. Make It Personal

Any certificate is better than nothing.

However, try to go above and beyond to truly show your appreciation of someone. It is sure to mean a lot more compared to a generic “off the shelf” certificate.

Use personalized language to give genuine credit where it’s due. Orient the content around the actual role of the person getting the award. Mention their role, the time they’ve served, the specific accomplishments, and so on.   

3. Use Emotive Words

Aim for above average in your certificates.

Sure, you could say something general, like “thank you for all you’ve done.”

But it’s hardly inspired, is it? Remember, this is about recognition. Go all out to showcase how valued the recipient is. The wording should be totally representative of their achievement.

For example: “This award comes with heartfelt thanks for the ongoing commitment, outstanding effort, and exemplary skills you’ve graced this company with over the years”.

4. Make It Error-Free

A certificate of appreciation isn’t the time to make a mistake.

Any grammatical or spelling error will immediately discount the award itself. It’s a sign that you don’t care as much as you’re saying you do.

Be diligent when designing the certificate. Check it for errors before you hit print. Failing to do so can send all the wrong signs to the people in your service.

5. Keep Quality at the Core

Don’t scrimp on your certificate.

A home-printed black and white certificate won’t cut it. Instead, go for a professionally designed and printed version. Pull out all the stops to show your appreciation.

It might sound like a minor detail, but it can genuinely make a difference. One will go in the dust bin; the other will be displayed proudly on the wall. And all it costs is a few extra dollars.    

Final Thoughts on Your Award Certificate

There you have it: 5 top award certificate tips.

People need to feel valued and recognized for their roles and responsibilities. Not only does it feel good, but it encourages engagement and work ethic, too.

Hopefully, this post has provided all the info you need to make high-quality certificates for your needs.

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