Backyard Party: 10 of the Best Lawn Games for Adults

Nothing says backyard parties more than fun lawn games for adults and their families to enjoy together. However, sometimes as adults, we want to let loose and enjoy all the fun without the children around.

Most adult parties involve excessive drinking while socializing, which is fun but can get redundant after a while. Try spicing up your next backyard party with some outdoor adult games (that could also involve some drinking)!

Studies show that when adults engage in more play, it improves their overall well-being and mental health, boosts creativity, and refreshes the mind.  

So the problem is, which games should you play at your next outdoor party, and how do you know if your guests will actually want to play them?

The answer is to find the right lawn games for adults that no one will want to resist, and thankfully, we did that research for you.

Keep on reading to learn more.

1. Beersbee 

Think of the game of ultimate frisbee, mixed with beer pong, and you have the magically fun game of beersbee. This game involves two teams of two players each, with an attempt to knock an empty can of beer off the post with a frisbee in front of the other team.

To set up this game, you need two posts, one frisbee, two empty cans of beer, and a willingness to drink more. Drive each pole into the ground with an approximate 27 feet apart from each other. (Can be shorter if needed).

Then place an empty beer can on the top of each post. If it is windy, you can use another object instead of a beer can, but it must be able to be knocked off easily.

One person at a time from each team will throw their frisbee in an attempt to knock off the object on the post. If it falls, the other team has to drink. 

2. Ladder Toss Game

The ladder toss game, otherwise known as “moose-knuckles”, is a fun game that can be played with adults and even children. However, with adults, you can turn it into a drinking game. 

For equipment, you need to either build the ladder toss or purchase it online. For adults, if your team loses, you all have to finish your drink.

3. Flippy Cup

For this game, you will need two teams with an equal number of people. Align a solo cup half full of their choice of drink in front of each person on a long, rectangular table.

Once you start the game, the two opposing team members on the opposite side have to chug their drink and put it upside-down on the edge of the table, and then try to flip it back upright.

You cannot move to the next team member until the previous person has properly flipped their cup. 

4. Floating Beer Pong

If you have ever played beer pong before, you will know how to play this game. The only difference is that the table is floating in the pool—that is, if you have a pool to play with. Otherwise, you will be playing regular beer pong, and that is just as fun.

5. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball, otherwise known as Italian lawn bowling, is a fun game that is very popular amongst adults. This game involves precision, skill, and healthy competitiveness. The game finishes when the winning team reaches an accumulative 12 points. 

6. Giant Jenga

Everyone has heard of the game “Jenga” before, but what about giant Jenga? This game is played with 54 crafted polished hardwood blocks, with measurements 7.13″ x 2.38″ x 1.38″.

You can either purchase the game online or make it yourself if you are feeling crafty. The same rules still apply as the original Jenga. The only difference is that you may need to have a stepping stool to use once the game gets going.

To spice up this game a little more, you could write dares on each wooden block, with something that player has to do once they pull that piece. This could be anything from finishing their drink, doing a funny dance, or yelling something funny out loud.

7. Cornhole

Cornhole is the epitome of fun outdoor games. It is easy to create the board yourself, and the game can be enjoyed by people of all ages, levels, and abilities.

There are a few important rules to know about Cornhole, such as how many players, the appropriate cornhole distance, and how to score. This game also involves precision, accuracy, and a bit of skill, which can be developed the more you play. The most important rule with Cornhole is to have fun! 

This game is a great way to build some team bonding and have some fun together. 

8. Dodgeball

If you and your party guests are feeling active (and dressed for the occasion), a great game to play would be dodgeball. We all know the famous movie; “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”, but did you know since that movie came out, the game has been boosting in popularity?

All this game requires is a ball, a willingness to have fun, and a knowing that you may get hit in the head. Do not worry, however, because a real dodge ball is soft and will not hurt!

9. Dizzy Bat

This game is guaranteed to make you laugh, with each other and at each other. All you need is a hollowed-out baseball bat, some beer, and a willingness to look quite silly in front of your friends.

First, chug your beer. Second, spin in circles with your head on the edge of the baseball bat while the other bat is on the ground, for the same amount of time it took you to drink your beer.

Third, hit the beer can with your baseball bat. This is harder than it sounds!

10. Body Balloon Break

Get ready for some more laughter! Fill up some water balloons, and then attempt to break them by using two people’s bodies against each other. The only rule is that you cannot use your arms or feet.

This means everyone has to get up close and personal as they bump backs, chests, and however else they decide to pop the balloon.

Learn More Fun Lawn Games for Adults

Now that you know the best lawn games for adults, it is time to start planning your party! 

If you want some advice on how to throw the best backyard party, check out more articles like this on the lifestyle section of our blog. 

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