Be Proactive: 4 Protest Ideas for Diverse Activists

Do you believe protesting can be a powerful political tool for bringing about change? 

If yes, you’re not alone. Around the globe, there are major protests happening in places such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, France, Peru, and so on.

Though the protesters may differ in the issues they want to fight for, their goal is the same. They want their voices to be heard and make real and lasting political and social change. 

Now, if you’re gearing up to organize or attend your first protest, it helps a lot to understand some protest ideas and expectations. These will help you be safe and not find yourself in trouble with the police.

1. Know the System You’re Trying to Change

It’s not enough that you’re going out there, convinced that what you’re going to do will make a difference. No matter what issue you’re fighting for, you need to understand why those on the other side are doing what they’re doing. 

You should also try to see if you can find common ground. It’s easier said than done, but doing it this way will help invite conversation, persuasion, and eventually change. Consider as an example, Martin Luther King Jr., who knew when to compromise and when to stand his ground.

2. Come Prepared

From checking the weather forecast to making signs to, arranging transportation and more, there are many things you need to keep in mind when preparing for a protest.

To make your job easier, consider an essential packing list. This will include your ID, personal items, first aid, clothes, etc. 

3. Learn from Seasoned Activists

One of the best protest tips is to learn from those who have organized and participated in a lot of sit-ins, marches, and public demonstrations over the years. 

They can give you tips like writing an emergency contact number on your body in case you get arrested. Or how using water can actually make pepper spray feel worse.

There’s nothing to lose from talking to seasoned activists, only tons of useful advice to be gained that will help you become a better and more prepared protester.

4. Don’t Forget About After-The-Protest Ideas and Tips 

Attending one protest is great. Making sure other people know what you’re fighting for is even better. 

Post protest, make sure to share your experience. This can help increase the reach of your cause, and it can spark others’ interest to join your movement. 

Consider posting on blogs or talking about your experience on social media. Be creative and try things like adding a photo animation or video to your posts or updates. The more people you can get to join your cause, the better.

Want to Know More About Changing the World?

Going out there and marching is one of the oldest ways to change the world. To say informed, keep reading up on protest ideas, tips, latest news, and so on.

For more interesting articles on changing the world and making a difference, check out the rest of our blog.

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