Bugged by Pests Around Home? 5 Tips for a Pest Free House

Are pests taking over your home? The last thing any homeowner wants to do is share their home with uninvited bugs, insects, and other pests. As quickly as you spot pests in your home they can begin to take over. 

Even if you were blindsided by this pest invasion, you can still eliminate pests from the home with the right pest control tips. In our guide below, you’ll discover helpful pest control advice you’ll want to take into consideration.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best pest control methods for homeowners and take your home back now!

1. Reseal All Doors and Windows

Before getting to the more difficult stuff, the first thing you want to do is inspect all of the doors and windows in your home. You need to check the seals around doors and windows to ensure they’re free from cracks and openings. Even the smallest opening around a door or window could be the perfect entry point for a pest looking to invade your home. 

Reseal doors and windows in need and replace damaged screens as well. 

2. Maintain Your Yard and Garden

Now, let’s head outside and take a look at the yard and garden. Are there any tree branches or shrubs that touch your home? Trim these back as they can lead pests right onto your home’s roof. 

If your gardens are up against your home, then you should consider replacing mulch with rocks or pebbles. Mulch attracts pests and can then tempt them to access your home as well. Aside from these small changes, do be sure to maintain both your yard and garden areas.

Keep them trimmed, free of debris, and pest-free.

3. Schedule Regular Pest Control

Once you clean up your lawn and garden, you can then contact Holmes Lawn & Pest. This lawn and pest control service will help you keep your lawn maintained and pest-free. Scheduling regular pest control services for your home is beneficial because it works as a prevention method. 

After you eliminate the pests in your home, you want to prevent them from coming back by staying up to date with routine pest control. 

4. Seal Food Items Securely 

Back inside your home, it’s time to survey your kitchen cabinets and pantry. How do you currently store food items? Pests will enter a home looking for food and if they can easily access it, then they’ve hit the jackpot. 

To prevent pests from treating your home like a lush vacation spot, you should ensure all food is securely stored. Consider placing food in glass or plastic airtight containers. 

5. Fix Any Leaks in the Home 

Another main reason why pests are attracted to your home is a water source. If pests can easily access water in your home, then they’re going to want to set up shop and never leave. Any water bowls left out for pets should be removed when not in use. 

You also want to fix any leaks in your home, even the smallest ones. It only takes a small drop of water to attract pests. 

Use These Pest Control Tips For a Pest-Free Home

When pests invade, it’s time to put your foot down and take your home back. Use these pest control tips listed in the guide above to help eliminate pests from your home and keep it pest-free.

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