Campfire Cookout: Essential Food and Gadgets You Can’t Camp Without

You’ve just hiked all the way to your campsite and set up your tents—some grub would really hit the spot. But are you prepared?

When you’re preparing for a great camping trip, you should take care to think about your essential camping gear before you hit the trails. All you’ll need are some basic tools and ingredients to create the perfect campfire meal. Nourishment is important when you’re out in the elements, so make sure to pack something delicious.

We’ll walk you through some of the most crucial things to bring with you.

Essential Camping Gear

When it comes to camping gear, good tools will a long way. You don’t have to get too fancy to have a good time around the campfire.

Here’s some useful camping cooking gear you’ll be glad you took with you.

A Cast Iron Pan

Whether you want to cook up something simple or go for a fancier meal, a cast iron pan just might be your best friend. They can be heavy, so pack a small one if you have it available.

Cast iron pans are durable, versatile, and reliable tools. They heat up quickly over the fire, and you won’t have to worry so much about damaging the material.


A Kettle

A kettle can come in handy for anything from coffee to ramen noodles. And if you want to sanitize your water, a kettle is a great way to kill germs.

For example, this kettle from is small, convenient, and is specially built to purify water.

Essential Foods

It’s fun to bring marshmallows, chocolate, and hot dogs to a campfire meal. But what can you add to your menu to make sure you stay well-fed and happy?

Here are some flavor- and energy-packed basics you might want to take with you on your next trip.


Who can beat the filling combination of protein and fat that a morning fried egg can give you? Eggs might be a bit tricky to carry around, but you’ll be glad you brought them. If you’re bringing any meat with you, eggs can be a delicious and filling side.

And the best part is you don’t need to be an expert chef to pull this off right. Just crack, sizzle, and dive in!


Butter goes well with eggs, meat, or anything else you might want to fry over the fire. It’s also a great source of energy to sustain you when through strenuous activity.

And when you’re settling down in a new space, out in the wilderness, who can resist the comfort of a delicious campfire recipe cooked in a generous amount of butter?

Salt and Spices

When you’re packing for a camping meal, you’ll probably want to go easy on the varieties of food. Simple is often better in this case. But you can still spice things up with some salt, garlic powder, and black pepper, and red pepper flakes.

These will take almost no space in your backpack (pour a bit into a baggie if a shaker is too big), and they’ll add a comforting burst of flavor when you sit down to eat.


Now that you’ve learned about the essential camping gear to take with you for an excellent meal, all you’ve got to do is try it for yourself. So put together some spices and your favorite piece of cast iron, and you’ll be well on your way to a delicious trip in the great outdoors.

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