Character Galore: 5 Ways to Use Stained Glass in Your Home

Stained glass.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If the words to “How Great Thou Art” run through your head, you aren’t alone. Most of us consider stained glass as “church window chic”. Not something we would have in our home.

But stained glass is not only for churches! It’s a great way to bring color and depth to your home. And you don’t have to use it in windows either. 

Stained glass is versatile in both design and function. It’s a creative way to keep people from looking in. And it’s a beautiful way to change up the light in a room.

Check out these five tips for using stained glass in your home.


Stained glass lamps are a staple of American historical furniture design. If you’re a fan of Antiques Roadshow on PBS, then you know what we’re talking about. Tiffany started making them over 100 years ago.

A stained glass lamp brings beautiful light into any corner. And it’s way more creative than a regular old floor or desk lamp.

Today, you can get that same antique design in newer, more functional lamps. Plus, there are plenty of modern alternatives to the old classic design. Check out for more lamp and panel ideas.

Patio Doors

With stained glass patio doors, you’ll get to experience the beauty of the glass outside too. It’s a great way to bring the outdoor living space some color and design.

Plus, you can get stained glass in a color or pattern that people can’t see through. So if your patio doors are near a sidewalk, this gives you some privacy as an alternative to blinds and curtains. For this reason, it’s also useful on bathroom windows.

Shower Doors

Why not add some stained glass art to your bathroom? Again, it’s easy to get a design that’s not see through. Which is perfect for the shower door.

Since bathrooms tend to be darker places, a stained glass shower door can bring in light and color. As opposed to a color-blocking shower curtain.

Room Dividers

If you want to break up a large space, consider a stained glass room divider. It’s more flexible than building a wall. You can move it wherever you need it.

Plus, you can design yours to match your decor. Making your room divider a piece of standing art!

Art Hangings

Don’t want to do a whole window? That’s okay, you can get smaller hangings to use as art pieces. Hang them in front of a window to catch the colors. 

And you don’t have to stick to windows. Add these beautiful hangings all around your home as an alternative to canvas prints. 

Use Stained Glass to Accent Your Home

Stained glass is a beautiful and functional way to accent your home. Adding a stained glass lamp brightens any corner with beautiful light. And your patio doors will stand out from the crowd in stained glass.

Bring the design into your bathroom with stained glass shower doors. Or divide a large room with a custom-made room divider that matches your decor. Wall and window hangings are a more flexible way to enjoy the beauty of stained glass. 

Looking for more home decor tips and tricks? Check out our Home and Garden section! 

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