Deck Styles: How to Choose a Deck That Complements Your Home

Adding a deck to your home can increase property value, with many decks recouping around 106% of their original cost.

Not only that, but building a deck offers a fun and functional outdoor living space. Imagine playing with your kids or hosting a barbecue on your new deck. The options are nearly endless.

If you’re considering a deck for your home, learn about different deck styles and how to choose the right one for you.

Plan How You’ll Use Your Deck

First, envision how you want to use your deck. If you’re looking for a quiet space to read alone, a small, simple deck may be enough. But if you want to host parties, a larger deck is essential.

You may also want to add an outdoor kitchen, barbecue corner, or small storage unit to your deck. You’ll have to choose a deck style that can accommodate these types of amenities.

Decide the Height of Your Deck

Decks can be raised platforms on the ground floor of your home or they can attach to the second (or a higher) floor.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each. For example, a second story deck can feel more private and might offer a great view. However, it could also block sunlight from reaching windows on the first floor below.

Consider Deck Types and Shapes

There are a variety of types of decks, and they won’t all complement just any home. The type of deck you choose should be treated as an extension of your home, not a competing element.

You can choose between wraparound, rounded, multi-level, open design (without barriers or railings), or a number of other deck types and shapes. Just be sure a design is a good fit for your home, no matter how good it may look in catalogs or photos.

Narrow Down the Style and Color

Along with deck types and shapes, there are also several different aesthetics and colors to choose from.

You can research online and in books for deck styles ideas. But a safe choice is to choose a style and color that closely match your home’s architecture.

When in doubt, consult the professionals at to finalize your deck design.

Decorate Your Deck

The last step in choosing the best deck style for your home is to decide how to decorate your deck.

For some, this may only involve choosing outdoor furniture and flower colors that suit your style. For others, it can extend to choosing countertops for your outdoor kitchen or comparing light fixtures.

Remember to maintain a cohesive design with the rest of your home. That way, your deck complements your home, without ever feeling out of place.

Expand Your Home’s Space With the Perfect Deck Styles

An outdoor deck can offer a comfortable outdoor retreat and add square footage to your home. Before building your deck, be sure to follow our advice above to select deck styles that complement your home.

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