Doggie Day Care: A Better Alternative to Kennels

Taking a vacation is something that we all should do. Unfortunately, it can cost a hefty sum, especially if you have your pet! Rather than skimp on your next trip because you have a canine companion, look into doggie daycare.

Not familiar with doggie daycare? Think of it as a play school, but for dogs.

Dogs enjoy being around other dogs, plus it’s a great social setting for them. Why not turn to doggie day care, instead of kennels, when you’re taking a trip?

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Doggie Daycare Helps Socialize Your Dog

Doggie daycare is a great alternative to a kennel if you need to leave your pet for a few hours or even a few days. It provides your dog with stimulation and activity, and most importantly, socialization with other pups and friendly people. This will also help pets with their separation anxiety.

Socialization can help with trust and bonding and make your dog more confident and well-rounded. Daycare staff understands the body language and responses of dogs so they will monitor, intervene, and adjust play as needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Your Pet Gets Plenty of Exercises

Doggie daycare offers your pup an alternative to a kennel filled with limited options for exercise. They’ll get plenty of exercise with vibrant play and games like fetch, tug-of-war, and more. Not only mental stimulation and physical exercise, but they’ll even have supervised socialization to learn group behavior and to have fun playing with friends!

Doggie day cares also allow your pet to partake in additional activities like agility courses and supervised swimming. This provides a fun and engaging way to stay active through interaction and play with the staff and other furry friends. 

Doggie Daycare Relieves Boredom

Doggie daycare is becoming a popular alternative to kenneling for pet owners who need to leave their dogs for an extended period. This can often be a difficult experience for pet owners, not knowing if their pet is being cared for or if its boredom is relieved. Doggie daycare offers a much better solution as it provides a safe, fun, and stimulating environment for the dog to enjoy.

The days can include activities like playtime, socializing with other dogs, and even engaging in agility courses. This stimulates the mind and body of the dog, while at the same time providing them with more attention and care than they’d receive in a kennel. 

They Get the Best Health Care

Doggie daycare provides an excellent alternative to traditional kennels. The dedicated staff in doggie daycare ensures that all the animals receive the best health care possible.

Through frequent check-ins, medical monitoring, and access to nutritious meals, doggie daycare ensures that the health needs of each canine are met. Regular vaccinations and vaccinations for new litters are also provided. And just like a veterinarian in Raleigh, they provide excellent health care service for your pet.

Try Out Doggie Day Care for Your Best Friend

In conclusion, a doggie day care can be a better alternative for many pet owners. They offer play-based activities, supervised safety, and love for pets that many kennels cannot. Their service exceeds their operating hours and gives a good overnight stay for your pet.

Doggie day care’s amazing services and amenities can help keep you and your pet stress-free. Try out a doggie day care today to see why it’s a great alternative to the kennel!

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